First week of school


I write to you eating Reddi Wip directly out of the can. Yes. I have already given up.Though the first week of school brings up many emotions,most of them being negative, I can usually find one thing to look forward to. This school year was an exception. With the underclassman jitters gone, I had very little to excite me. I knew what to expect. Although some might find this to be comforting, I found it utterly boring. It feels like summer never happened and the usual feelings of renewal are nonexistent. Football games and soccer scrimmages seemed to have picked up where they left off.  I cant complain everything is going smoothly, but I know its only a matter of time before there’s a bump in the road. I’m also very aware of the fact that it is only downhill from here, meaning fall is filled with the most amount of things to do and as the school year continues, these opportunities fade. By January I’m just going through the motions.

I sound very negative while writing this but I assure you I’m rather neutral. I have accepted the realities of the situation. There is nothing wrong at all and I’m hoping for the best. My classes are more interesting to me now that I can pick some of them. I am also ready to finally have a difficult English class. The past two years of English I hardly wrote at all, something I really enjoy. Not to mention, AR no longer exists  I’m really interested in psychology, so I am happy to be taking that class, and calculus seems do able.  I truly wish I had some crazy story to share with you about how I forgot a project or was late to school, but nothing out of the ordinary has happened. I will report that I have already contracted the school wide illness in the first week, but I get sick all the time so that is not all that crazy. I’m hoping the second week goes this smoothly. Wish me luck.


Me trying to look like I’m thoughtfully paying attention to what the teachers are saying on the first day



Ft. Kailey Zentner