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I really love stories like these, I think they’re simple but still thought provoking. I think the answer is pretty clear…she definitely picked the girl thinking that her man would deny her or pull off some elaborate stunt to be with her. Don’t get me wrong this girl IS NOT happy about it, but in the end she still wants there to be some chance she could be with him and if he’s in a stomach it ain’t gonna happen. Now, I’m definitely not calling this “good” like she’s doing it for moral reasons. ummm nooo she definitely is thinking about herself. She knows if he’s dead she’s got no chance at all. The princess is probably just planning on murdering the maiden.(quick rant, “murdering the maiden” should be a Netflix series… sounds interesting)  They probably already have the details worked out. Just because she’s not killing HIM doesn’t mean she doesn’t have ill will… she does. I feel like this story is pretty universal, I wouldn’t change much accept the premise of the time period. Maybe the king is a leader of a country and his daughters with some guy he doesn’t approve of. So he suggests he meet one of her friends or he is kicked out of the country. Still I think she would rather keep him in close proximity and wait for an opportunity to get rid of the new girl. As I’m reading what I just wrote I sound straight psycho, but ya know a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do I guess. Personally I feel like this is obvious, what have years of mean girls taught us, most girls can and will cut down a girl to get to the guy. So clearly she’s gonna keep him around and they’re just gonna be a giant Royal Scandal. Trust me there WILL be tension between the maiden and the princess there will be issues, but she’d rather have to deal with her and the prince then have no prince to deal with at all. So all in all, She does the “right” thing (whatever that means) for the “wrong reasons”.


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I’ve always struggled with the argument about government. It’s such a hard balance and I think there are problems which each type. In theory I would say that I am a supporter of a smaller government. The people who govern are no more inept at making some of the decisions as a citizen, but we need people to lead to a certain extent. I think if there weren’t certain positions that could make sense out of the many options it would be chaos. So all in all, I just don’t know. Not even a little. I go back and forth in this discussion all the time. I do think it is a government’s job to help people in the face of poverty. but I don’t think they should get to involved in business. What I mean by that is government run facilities like schools and prisons should not be privatized. But I’m never decisive over topics like these. I suppose a government is only as good as it’s leader. So, I would say that the best government would be run by someone I respect, and in turn I will respect the government. I feel like the people who lead us are the face of the government and have a lot to do with how most people view it. Really the system of government is just a tool for the leader to use. There are so many different avenues you could go down all while existing in the same form of  government. Civil disobedience is very effective in stating a purpose. Especially if that purpose has to do with the very laws or rules you are breaking. Today it is one of the most common forms of protest. Look at all the attention brought to the protests involving the national anthem. They disobeyed a sort of unspoken rule in our society that caused uproar across the nation bringing the most possible attention to the cause. Even our country was built on civil disobedience, our country exists today because leaders forced change. This idea continues today in many forms of protest. This protest garners a lot of attention and discussion.

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Emerson’s and Thoreau’s ideas are both very similar. They both focus around nature  and what the land provides. Noticing the details and taking it in. In the beginning of the excerpt he talks about how well he knew the land and where he could theoretically live.  He wandered in the woods so often he had become one with the land. He dreamed of a farm, bought one then sold it right back saying that he had owned it just the same. He talks about how the best experiences focus around the basic needs of human and the world around them. He had amazing experiences. He believes that the simple life is the best life. And that owning position of land only complicates. The benefits of leaving behind society are clear. You could have time to think about what you enjoy instead of what you have to do. There would be no reason to rush around of miss out on the simple things in life. But personally that’s not how I’m wired, I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy the sunrise or the quiet, but if t started raining I’d be out. Maybe if I could seclude myself in a dry sunny temperate climate, I would be just peachy. But if I was shoved out in the type of horrible weather we have I think I’d be miserable. What I’d miss most would be my warm bed, coffee, a warm shower, and T.V. I do wonder what the benefits would be. I’m sure I’d be better rested. Feel healthier and possible even more productive. I know that sounds unlikely, but I think accomplishing simple tasks would be rewarding, like finding food and taking walks. I would really enjoy the morning I’ve always loved the drive to school when its sunny and the day is beginning, but I never get to experience it. I’m always rushed off, most of the time I’m not even outside. I would love to wake up in the morning and be able to look around and really take it in. One thing I couldn’t take is social isolation. I need to talk to people it makes me absolutely insane to be by myself too long.

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When I started my research on this topic I didn’t know where to stand. The answer seemed somewhere out of reach. Animal testing. I mean really, what can be argued. Then I started my research and discovered all the different ways this topic is viewed. Though there are valid points for both sides, I’ve decided I personally align in favor of animal testing. At first I thought I would be more against it than for it but now I’m the opposite. It just makes sense. There is no substitute that can really accomplish what animal testing can. I also learned a lot about arguing. In recent years I haven’t been as interested in arguing. I feel like I’ve heard everyone’s opinion about 1000 times. Don’t get me wrong sometimes, someone will say something original that I want to hear more about, but that’s a rarity. I’ve talked about certain topics with so many different people but most of the time they say the same thing. It feels like I know what they’re going to say so much I might as well argue with myself. But doing this project helped me think of arguing differently. I instead of arguing to expand my viewpoint I can use it as a competition. (hint of sarcasm) I feel like making argument more formal has both positives and negatives. Like I said before now it is a bit more of a game and more of a challenge, but I also feel like this form of argument is whats wrong with society. We need more listening. When I was coming up with this debate I wasn’t writing questions because I actually wanted to know I was writing them because I thought I knew what they’d say. I wasn’t worried about actually hearing them out or considering anything they said. I understand this form of argument sometimes but really I only see a use for it in court. But this form of debate does nothing to actually solve problems. With out using this style of argument, I usually treat opposing views as more of a discussion. Not to say I don’t get carried away with irritation, but I usually actually want to understand how people think. Although this form of debate is useful to know, I don’t enjoy it much.



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The topic I got for debate was pro animal testing. Just as I said I would hate to debate animal testing I picked it. I’ve always been torn about animal testing its one of those things I find myself going back and forth. I’m okay? I  guess, with arguing the pro side because I think it is much more logical than the con side. It’s more likely they’ll use emotion as the basis for their argument and I feel like I can counter that with facts. I’m not really passionate about this topic at all. I really could not care less, maybe that is good though because the I wont be too wrapped up in the emotions of it. Every other topic I already have a major position on; I know the facts I feel very sure of myself…but with this I feel no emotion on the topic. This is the least controversial topic in the bunch with can be somewhat frustrating because I feel that no one really cares. Its not really a pressing issue and I feel like this argument has been going on forever. It’s not something that if handled correctly is going to change the world for the better. Everything about animal testing could change and I don’t think most people would know the difference. Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’ll do research and I’ll uncover something abut animal testing. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong I hope I can feel a sense of wrong and right about the topic but the way it’s headed I’m not s sure. I plan to argue it by saying that It’s better that we find out the harm before it goes put to people and that It’s the FDA’s job to make sure nothing is sold that could greatly harm us and they can only guarantee that through testing. The ethical side is very heavy on this topic the idea that we are putting humans comfort above animals basic rights is a big question. They will say that we are touring animals and that there are so many better options. Hopefully I can find enough numbers to negate that but I’m not so sure.


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I think a debate about “the wall” would be interesting because it’s something everybody is familiar with.  Almost everybody has an opinion on it and there are two distinctive sides. Wall or no wall. One argument for the wall is that it would prevent people from crossing the border, both illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. The argument is that there is not enough security at the border and a wall would be a sure fire way to keep things out. The argument against it is that the physical block of  a wall will do very little to actually stop people from finding a way to america. I agree with the later. I am curious, has a wall of any sort ever actually worked? Ask the Moguls. Americans buy most of the drugs in the world, and drugs are a multi million business; so drug lords will definitely find a way in. On a different note, its 2019 and I don’t know how to feel. I’m not realty into the idea of new year, I think resolutions are stupid. If you want to change yourself start a new day not a new year. Also this marks my half way year point. I feel like this year is going slow but I’m just trying to get by. It’s like when your running but your zoning out so you don’t have to actually focus on what your doing. I guess my year has gone pretty well, nothing bad has happened but I have a feeling things are about to get real. I have to throw the prom and my class has hardly any money at all. This is not gonna be good. On the bright side I’m not planning on doing track this year so that will relieve a lot of stress. I’m looking forward to warmer weather and I’m hoping that will get me to 2020. I don’t want to rush 2019 too much though because the year 2020 really freaks me out. Maybe its the double numbers or the fact that I graduate but 2020 feels like a year that should never come. Lets just hope I can get there in 1 piece.

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When I first heard about these virtues I was surprised by how many there were. A lot of them seem like they overlapped. I thought that they were redundant. just like the blogs I write. They were saying the same thing in different ways. When I heard we had to try to follow them for a week,I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s completely impossible for any person, no matter how much self control they have, to perfectly follow all of these all the time. I thought that the hardest ones for me would be silence and temperance. I like talking and chocolate. Both unnecessary, but what can I say. If I would have been doing his about a year ago I would have worried about the virtue, tranquility. I was much more stressed about everything but I’ve really learned to let that go.I found silence to be particularly difficult. Everywhere we go we are talking for no real reason. In fact, that’s all I really am good at. I’m a master of distraction. during school I’m always finding a way to get everyone off topic. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life would be way too boring if we only used discussion for a purpose. I’d loose my mind. I decided quickly that I’d rather talk and fail at upholding my virtues than keep my mouth shut. People even coarse you into over talking without you initiating the conversation. Our society is based on small talk.  Not to mention the fact that high school is a place of constant drama. People want to know what’s going o with people once again breaking this virtue. Temperance proved to be manageable. I haven’t eaten anything or any amount to crazy. I mean I did have dessert which technically is unnecessary. Of course I broke a few others along the way. Some, I’m sure, unknowingly. Half the battle with these things is you don’t realize your doing it. I’m sure there was things I did that were out of line that I thought were completely justified. Going through my days rethinking what happened was kind of interesting because this was a very specific list of things I could compare to my actions.

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The Dodo’s Conundrum

I thought that this poem was much harder to analyze for many reasons. First of all, The theme of this poem was more unclear. In The first poem it was much easier to see what the author was trying to say. And after reading The Dodo’s Conundrum multiple times, I can say I’m still not quite positive for sure what the author is trying to get across. When I first read it I took it very literally with the whole model world thing I imagine a train set. After more consideration I realized It was using that as a metaphor for a simple more comfortable lifestyle where people aren’t thriving. I think. What helped me reach this conclusion was all the allusions in the work. They all mentioned some type of self freedom that can only be achieved by challenging the norm. When doing the sound and sense questions I had a lot of trouble with the simile, metaphor questions looking for literary devices. It proved to be very difficult to understand all of the subtle forms he could have used. Next thing I knew I was scouring the poem for anything that could somehow be twisted into one of these answers. The first poem made it much easier to answer the sound and sense questions. In hindsight El Dorado looks like a piece of cake. It was very clear and more specific. I feel like thee poem were analyzing now is meant to make you look at it in different ways and that’s why it doesn’t get very specific.  The two poems are kind of related on some level because they both comment on reaching happiness in life. They also both point out that chasing things that seem a certain way aren’t a good idea. After writing poetry I’ve learned to notice how much time these poems must have taken the authors. I think about how many times they must of revised things to make the syllables exactly how they want them. What fascinates me most, is the fact that they still seem somewhat effortless. The authors maintain a sense of flow and don’t force things where they don’t belong.


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My view of poetry hasn’t changed in any major ways. The one thing that has changed is my understanding of the importance of paying more attention to syllables. I never used to focus on that aspect at all. I used to just assume it had rhythm good enough to keep it flowing instead of really considering how important it is to the making of a poem. Without good rhythm the poem seems to be choppy.I have to say I’m actually disappointed we are not writing any more poetry because I feel like we’ve just started getting better. I was actually hoping to continue getting better in the classroom. I think poetry is very important to making people think outside the box. When writing poetry you have to consider how words and rhythm convey a feeling. I think this type of thinking helps us learn the importance of conveying a feeling in other types of writing also, A skill we could all benefit from. A lot of story telling could be improved by skills that are developed in poetry. I also think people are just starting to warm up to the idea and need to be encouraged to keep writing.

I definitely think I could incorporate visuals into my poetry. I really think it enhances the writing. I remember reading poetry as a kid with illustrations and those drawings left a real impression on me. When reading poetry you often imagine visuals in your head, and adding this only makes the poetry more meaningful. Specifically my poem about glass castles could benefit from illustration. Even though the glass castle is a metaphor, the physical representation of a “glass castle” could add to the meaning of the saying. I would really enjoy adding visuals to my own poems along with other famous poems that don’t include them. I think it would be very interesting to take some of my favorite poems and add an illustration. It would also be interesting to see how differently people see poems. If we all had to add illustrations to the same poem all of our interpretations would probably be very different.


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For the most part I can say I like poetry. I’ve never had a problem with it, I’ve always been able to find things about it I like. It’s almost like a puzzle when you are trying to right it and I find it very rewarding when you find a pattern that rhymes and makes sense. The thing I don’t love about it is analyzing the patterns and types of poems. I like analyzing the word use and feelings but I hate when it gets all technical. The point of a poem is to convey a feeling. I don’t see what the naming and terminology has to do with it. I understand saying “see how that syllable is stressed for emphasis” or “they rhyme these words to create a light hearted feeling”. What I don’t get is naming these things and finding the exact pattern. When you write a poem you want it to flow, but why can’t you just hear the rhythm as your writing it? and modify it so it sounds like the feel of the poem. What difference does it make if I wrote a sonnet or free verse. You don’t focus the poem around the type of poem you focus writing it with a feeling and the structure comes naturally.

I liked El Dorado because there was a double meaning to the concept of gold. I think the poem was clear but still interesting. You could understand it but it was still unique. The poem I am writing is going okay I guess. I don’t really like writing emotional things so it’s a little strange for me. Honestly I thought the assignment had to do with writing about something we feel and now I’m just rolling with it. If I would have known we could have written about anything I probably would have written about something goofy. I also wish that we could change up our author selection. I feel like we read a lot more Poe than any other poet. He’s one of the only people I know anything about, my knowledge with poetry is very oriented around Edgar Allen. Image result for el dorado from