Citizen Kane.

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My reaction to the film was honestly just confused. I was not expecting the movie to end the way it did. Throughout the entire movie, I thought that rosebud was going to have a much deeper meaning than it did. I was overanalyzing what was going on and what he was missing in his life. Overall I only liked part of the movie. There were times when I thought it was really interesting and had me really wondering what it all meant. Other times I did not like the film at all. It got confusing when they would flashback to Kane’s earlier life because I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on. The biggest part that confused me was when they flashbacked to when Kane was a young child. At first, I didn’t realize that it was Kane as a little kid, so I didn’t know the point of showing the flashback. In the end, I realized how important that scene was because the sled he was riding was named Rosebud, and that was the last time he really felt love. I think the point of the movie is dumb. They should have made rosebud be something else. Having it be a sled was a very dumb symbol for love. Overall I was not a fan of the movie. During this time the American Dream meant that you had money and you were living well. Even though Charles had more money than most could imagine, he still was not happy. We were supposed to take away that even if you are living the “American Dream” you still may not be truly happy. The theme is that money can not give you love. No matter how much Charles Kane tried, he did not feel love. He tried to do everything in his power to be loved but he wasn’t. The last time he felt love was when he was a child. With all the money in the world, he still couldn’t buy love. The key figures in Kane’s life impacted his quest for happiness in many ways. Susan Alexander told Kane that he did not give her anything he just bought her things. Kane thought that if he bought things for the people in his life that it would make him feel love but it did not. The other characters in the film didn’t make him feel loved because the things he was doing did not make him a lovable person. He would buy people things hoping that would mean something but it did not, and he could not understand why. Kane cheating on his first wife and losing the election affected his quest for happiness as well. The happiest and most love he felt was when he was a child and did not have money so he was unable to use his money as a way to feel love. Kane let the wealth get to him and that got in the way of him finding genuine love.

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The theme of the poem The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock¬†is not being able to fit into society. Throughout this poem, it was very dark and sad. As you kept reading the poem I realized that he was sitting outside of a party with high-class people and he wanted to talk to a girl, but he felt like he was not good enough. The next poem I read was “Disillusionment at 10 o’clock”. The theme of this poem was the idea that the only people that are really living and experiencing life are the ones that do not follow the rules of society. In this poem, it talks about how there are people that have the same dreams and are wearing the same basic clothes to bed, but then they look down upon the man who is drunk and dreaming about something crazy. This shows the theme of this poem. The third poem that I read was “anyone lived in a pretty how town”. The theme of this poem was how everyone in society just lives their life and goes on with it and eventually we all die and that’s just that. All three of these poems have one thing in common with their theme and it is that they all have to do with society. Each and every one of these deals with impressions other people or yourself have on society. Whether it is what Prufrock wrote in his poem about not feeling good enough in society or the idea that no one is living a full life and that we all just go and die. The one I find most applicable to our society today is Prufrock’s poem. I think the idea that people are too worried about not fitting in and thinking they aren’t good enough is very accurate. In society today people can dress a certain way, and drive a style of car that we have made more desirable than most, which gives the impression to people that they have money or are better off. At the end of the day it does not matter what you do, its what you think of yourself not how you look. My favorite poem was Prufrock’s because I felt that it was the most accurate and easy to understand.