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When Mr. McGarry first told us his reaction to the film, when he watched it in college, I was concerned about how much I would like it. To be honest I thought that it was going to be worse then it ended up being. When I first started watching I thought that it was a little dry, and was kind of bored. There was a lot of parts of it where you were just watching people wander and there was no action going on. Once it picked up and more action started occurring it was so much better. It was much more interesting then I thought it was going to be. I was not a fan of the ending, just because I wasn’t expecting it and it was a little harsh and sad. Overall I thought it was a good movie. I didn’t know notice when the effects of nausea and motion sickness were showing. I did not like how long it took to get to the point and I also think it would have been better if they gave you clues or used foreshadowing to show that the husband was planning to kill his wife. If I were to change it to a modern audience I would make it more clear that the women and her husband had lots of money. I would also do a better job of making it clear that Scotty has issues. For a large part of the movie, I thought that he had gotten over his issues of heights and the problems he had occurring with it. I think for a modern audience they should add more drama and conflict with the other girl that Scotty was acquainted with. I also think they should have been more clear on what happened to him after Madeline had died. He was in an institute I assume, but we were not sure what had happened. All of a sudden he was fine and had found the new girl, which I thought was weird. Overall I liked this movie and I think that it would be a really cool movie to remake for a more modern audience.

Whitman’s Works

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My initial reaction to the work was good. When I first started reading and analyzing the work I realized that the first section was not that difficult to interpret. After we were given two sections to analyze as a group is when it all started to go downhill. As I read my two sections I realized that this was way more difficult then I had suspected. There were so many things that were hard to understand and it felt like he was writing in code. My initial thoughts of my sections were confused and, honestly, I still am. I think that our section was mainly talking about how there are people that are always going to talk and act like they are going to get things done but they don’t and they end up being the ones that judge the most. Whitman’s thoughts on transcendentalism throughout the work influence his writing. He looks at life as everyone is born good and you can tell that is true when you read his works. He mentions the goodness in people at the time of death and birth. I think the lines where they talk about the “talkers” is one of the most important lines in our work. The idea of talkers is showing people you say they are going to take action but do not. This idea is one of the first lines of our section. I think it is important to the section because it has to do with the whole theme of the sections. It talks about how we need to continue to increase our members of society and look at life in so many ways. It also says how the world is filled with lots of mysteries that we continue to keep trying to understand better. There are still certain things that I do not understand completely. Some of the lines in the poem are difficult to completely understand. After I read the poem I think I have a pretty good understanding of what it all means, but honestly, there is a high chance that my understanding of the work is completely wrong. Overall, I didn’t mind reading and analyzing the work.