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After reading “Civil Disobedience”, I thought about some of the things that Thoreau said. He talks about the government and what is the best type. He says, “government is best which governs least” and I agree with him in certain cases. I do not think that the government needs to be so involved in everything that goes on in the United States or in other countries but there are times we need it. Individually I do not think the government needs to be in your business completely. I do not think it is right for things such as them listening to your conversations if they want to. They do not need to know every aspect of your personal life. The governments rule in individuals is to help keep our country safe, so of course, there are situations where there is a lot of investigation into peoples personal business occurring, and sometimes it is necessary. They need to control the things we are allowed to do to a certain extent, and that is what they do now. A government that gains my respect is one that does everything it can to better the citizens in our country but not abusing their power. In a democracy it should not be whatever says goes and things should be occurring and rules should be created or taken away because it is trying to genuinely help the people, not to just help whoever is in charge. Civil disobedience today does occur but of course, it also does not. There are many protests that are peaceful and get the point across and do a good job, and there are also protests that create more problems and havoc and are not occurring for the right reasons. As a whole, I think we still have civil disobedience but I don’t know if it is occurring for the right reasons. Martin Luther King Jr. used civil disobedience to fight for what was right and refused certain treatment and that was needed, but some people use this for selfish reason and it takes away from the point of it all, and why it started.

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