Thoreau’s What?

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Thoreau’s and Emerson’s work are similar in many ways. They both are dealing with life and how nature should and needs to be a part of it. Thoreau’s work was dealing with how you need nature in your life in order to live and get a true understanding of what life is and what you need in it. It also talked about how it is necessary because you learn so much from it. Throughout the work, you could tell that he was relying on nature to survive. He needed the clarity and the experience in order to feel like he lived and to be able to live on with the rest of his life. Emerson’s work deals more with how nature and man rely on each other and need each other in order to exist. This is similar to Thoreau’s works because he actually did it and relied on nature and realized how much you need it in his life. The main point of the beginning of Thoreau’s work was to explain to the reader what exactly he needed to find and talk about what life is. He discusses how you do not need materialistic things you need to live a simple life and that will make you happy. The ending was to clarify how his time in the woods was and to let the reader know that life is about happiness and your soul. I understand where Thoreau was coming from when he went to live in the woods, I just don’t know if I would be doing it for the same reasons. I would do it to take a break and to spend time really thinking about myself and what I have in my life so I would become more grateful. I would not last long because I would not be good at finding food and just surviving as a whole. I think that we should remember what we have and be thankful and not take it for granted because we need nature to survive and it is something that is so easily taken for granted and it should not be.

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