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Overall this unit has definitely helped me with my arguing skills. When I was researching I made sure to look up certain points that were important to my argument and my opponent’s argument. I think that for me personally, I was going to have to argue with a lot of emotion for my topic, but I also had to have facts that supported the emotional side of it or I would definitely lose. I think it is funny because as we learned about all the fallacies it made me realize how often people use them in their arguments. A lot of people tend to say things that are not true when they argue but since they state them as a fact it seems like what they are saying is true. I think that this is very common for people my age to act like they know what they are talking about when they don’t. They also use name-calling a lot when it comes to arguing. I think that at the beginning of the unit when I got my topic I did not know what to do or how to argue. I was really stressed that there wasn’t going to be enough information to talk about. I thought that my opponent was definitely going to beat me because I didn’t know how or what facts I was going to use to argue. I felt like mine was more based on your morals and less on facts. As I got into it I realized that I actually had a lot to talk about and they were very easy to research. I also found that it was so easy to incorporate all the things we talked about in our notes. I think that overall once I got into my debate I realized how much the notes helped and that it was much easier then I thought. I thought the actual persuasive written arguments weren’t very difficult to write but I struggled with the amount of time I spent talking about my topic. No matter how much I added, when I timed it, it still wasn’t long enough even though I felt like I had said everything I needed to say.

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