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My topic for the debate is the con side of abortion. I have the side I believe in for the debate, so I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. Abortion is a very controversial topic that many people have a strong opinion about. I know that abortion is not legal in all states. It also isn’t legal to have an abortion anywhere if it is passed a certain time that you have been pregnant. Many people also consider abortion as a very large problem because they believe you are killing a baby. When I research the cons of abortion there were many. One of which was that it has been proven that the fetus can feel the pain when this is happening. It also can be very dangerous¬†for the mother. Some people also believe that the fetus’ are humans and are alive so they have human rights so being killed is not considered right. Abortions also decrease the number of babies that are available for adoption. I plan to argue abortion as a con logically with facts and data that help support my cause. Ethically, I am going to have to debate more in an emotional way. This is definitely more of an emotional topic for most, so in order to argue this, I need to use facts and emotion to argue my topic. The emotions you can bring in can be kind of depressing because essentially you are arguing that you should not be allowed to kill a fetus if you do not want to be pregnant and have it. I definitely need to do more research and really make sure I know what I am talking about because it can be really easy to get off topic. It can also be easy to be so worried about the emotional side of the argument that I am not really considering the main issue and argument. It will be important to make sure I talk about the actual facts and other downsides to the con of abortion because it will be very difficult to win with just emotion.

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