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The story I have chosen to write is a suicide. Honestly it is kind of depressing, but has a happier ending. I decided to make it about a girl who is one of the popular girls in her high school. Although her life seems to be going great it isn’t. Her mom is constantly on her about something she is doing wrong. The story is a build up of everything that occurs that gets her to the point of attempting to kill herself. When I was listening to the six word short stories, I heard the one “As she fell, her mind wandered” and I automatically thought of a suicide. I wanted to make my story different though. My goal is to try and tell it in a different way then most would expect, and to get the point across that even though people may act like they are fine and that it may seem like they have everything in life, they may not. You never really know what someone’s going through and I wanted to show that in this story. Doing some of the activities have made me really think about how much goes into a short story. I am so used to just picking up a pencil and starting to write with no rough draft or much thought going into it. By doing all these activities and breaking up certain key parts in the story made me think about specific details that must be included in it. Even though it has been a lot of work, it has been very helpful. It has made the writing process easier. It also has helped me truly understand who my characters are and what roles they have in my story. I would say that the way I thought of writing a story has changed due to all the deconstruction we did, but I think it is a good thing. It makes me start to think about it and make sure I have complicating factors and symbols. It is the little things that make the stories we read so good, and without all the deconstruction I would have easily missed lots of things.

P.S I Still…

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I am reading the book “P.S I Still Love You”. I know what you are thinking, another stupid romantic, but this book is actually really good. The book is all about this teenage girl and boy that fall in love, but they have a lot of ups and downs. I couldn’t stop reading the book. It had me completely hooked. I think I like it so much because the characters are around my age and it is a modern take on high school now. Obviously, some of the romance is not the most realistic, but it is still nice to read about it and think how cool it would be if that actually happened. I can not stand the character Gen. She is so annoying, and causes so many problems in the book. She continues to drive a wedge between Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship. Throughout the story she is he reason they break up and it is all because she has to make things up that are not true about either one of them. Honestly, I can’t really relate to this book. What happens in this book is not realistic. In real life you would never pretend to be in a relationship to make the other person jealous, or at least I hope you wouldn’t. The events that occur are kind of a stretch. The only thing that is realistic in the book, is the people that get jealous of the other relationship and try to sabotage it. That happens so much in high school now. I finished this book, but there is a third book to this series. I think that Lara Jean and Peter are going to end up together. The only reason I think that is because most books like this always end with a happy ending. Even though it isn’t realistic that a high school couple would actually stay together. The only reason they will is because that is what the reader wants to read. I wish that they wouldn’t so that it proved a point to people, that high school relationships most of the time do not work. I think it gives people a false reality of what really happens. It also would make the book more rememberable because it would be known as the book that did not turn out like the reader thought.

Making A Deal With The Devil

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My initial reaction to the short story “The Devil and Tom Walker” was annoyed. I didn’t understand the point of the story or really think about what it all meant. Now that I have thought about some of the ideas I like it more. It is very interesting when you think about it. Tom essentially sold his wife to the devil so that he would become wealthy. I think that it is a good symbol of how much people will really do for money. Some of the aspects of the story are similar to others I have read. For example, the devil has a lot of different names because nobody wants to really call him the devil. They do something similar in Harry Potter. Voldemort is known as “he who shall not be named”. Both stories share a similar idea. Overall it is very different then other stories I have read. It never really comes out and makes it clear what the conflict is in the story. It also is all based on the character the devil. I have not read any stories that have the devil in it, let alone the entire story is dependent on it. The story has many symbols in it that make it more interesting. It makes you figure out the tiny details yourself, and most of the stories I have read do not have that many. The society the author depicts is very interesting. The story is taking place in the 1700’s in Boston, Massachusetts. Because of this you know more about the people living their. The author really embraces the Puritan society and makes it become a large part of the story. It makes you think a certain way about them, but when you read the story and the actions of these people make you think differently. I think Irving wrote this story to show some of the true colors of some of the Puritans during this time, but also to show the amount of greed people have and what they would do for money. The story is obviously a very exaggerated form of greed and wealth, but it is relevant to today. If I were to change or modify the story I would change the time frame and have the setting be a bit different. I would make the setting take place in a grave yard where lots of powerful but horrible people were buried. I think that it would add to the idea that even if you have to make a deal with the devil and be terrible to other people, some would do it. That way it would make it more relevant to modern day world.

Notes… Already?


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The second week of school contained notes, all week. Normally I would go on and on about how boring taking notes is, but in this case I did not mind it. We had lots of discussions about how certain techniques in writing short stories effects the story itself. Going over the specific terminology has made me pick up on so many things that writers do while writing stories. It makes you realize all the foreshadowing that happens. I mean even in some of the T.V shows I watch I have noticed the foreshadowing they do, and I never thought I would take notice of it. Even some of the little stuff like the protagonist and antagonist. We have always been taught that the protagonist is the good guy, but this week I learned that that is not true. I was thinking about symbolism and how authors use it in their work and it made me realize that in Harry Potter his scar of a lightening bolt is an example of symbolism. The lightening bolt has always been in the story and it is a constant reminder of Voldemort and Harry’s parents. I was watching the movie today and it really made a lot of the things stand out. The amount of suspense that is in the movies is crazy. The complicating factor in this movie jumped right out at me and I do not know how I feel. It almost ruins the movie because I can figure out what is going to happen based on what we talked about. Besides that I did not mind the notes because we had a lot of good discussions. It wasn’t just your typical notes, we were allowed to put our ideas and thoughts in without going completely off topic. On another note, the second week of school was definitely worse than the first week. I had so much stress because I had multiple assignments and a quiz on the same day. I would have been okay if I knew how to do the assignment I was given, but I didn’t because it was different then what we learned in class. Sophomore year was pretty easy overall, so I think that it will just be an adjustment getting used to having lots demanding classes, with lots of work. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will go better.