May 22

Blog 22

So I wasn’t very happy with the movie. It was kind of boring most of the time and there was always a flashback at some point and it was quite annoying. I think we were supposed to take away from the film that even with being rich, that doesn’t mean that you will be happy. You can see that a lot in real life as well with how some celebrities even being rich and having great homes and whatever they want mostly they still may have problems or might not like there lives. Look at Robin Williams. He was a great actor and comedian and all around great person trying to make people in his life happy wherever he went but still, he killed himself. In the movie, Charles had a lot of money but he could never be happy. I think this is because he was so focused on having money that he couldn’t have taken the time to really have a good relationship. You can see that even having the “American Dream” Charles still can’t be happy with anyone. I think Charles really can’t be happy because he doesn’t know how to really interact with someone without his money. His life has been centered around money since he was little so throughout his life he has been worried about that. Why both his marriages had failed I think. The figures of his life, first from his mother who put him on the path that he was on then his friends who continued to keep him going with his money ideals. Then his first wife, who helped him in his role to become president until she found out he was actually a terrible person. His second wife was more of his realization that he should have tried harder with other people to make better friends and try to have better relationships with people.

April 16

Week 20

The story of the Jumping Frog of Calaveras County was pretty weird. It was all about frog jumping and then this dude did dog fights like it was all pretty weird stuff. The use of satire and making fun of all of the readers and the narrator is kind of funny, to be honest, we all thought that Wheeler was a total loon but in fact, he was one of the smartest men in the entire story. It is weird to see that from one person’s perspective can change how you view others in your stories you read or even in real life. We use our peers’ opinions of others that we do not know as our first perspective of that person we do not know. I am kind of excited to read Huck Finn because I know my parents read it and they both said it was pretty good and I feel it will be quite a good story. I feel we will be taking a quite large test after reading the story but I know that the story is going to be good at least and might help me understand satire and humor all the more. The short video iMom was really weird and the filming was pretty bad but the things being satirized were both how technology has taken over our lives and the way our families are today and how different kinds of parents are.

April 9

Week 19

Satire and Humor are all around us. We see it in political types of ads and even during elections. Satire is used in everyday life but we may not always notice it because it can be subtle. Not all people notice or really care to see satire or even humor sometimes.  I enjoy dark humor, probably a little more than I should. Dark humor is just funny and I think it is the fact that it is usually regarding someone else’s pain which in our society today is quite funny. Like dark humor is things you shouldn’t be making jokes about. Some jokes may be centered towards major atrocities or the daily failures of everyone’s lives. Most people may think that is not civil to be laughing at such things but pain is funny. Almost everyone laughs at physical pain like if a clown hurts himself but not everyone will admit that other things are funny. Not a lot of people like to admit they think dark humor is funny because some people might think they are bad people because of it, but the reality is we all think pain is funny we just express it differently. I really do not know much of Mark Twain and his writing but I have a feeling I will know soon enough. Some things that may have affected his writing though are, he dropped out of school in the fifth grade, so he never got a full education. Also during the Civil War, he joined a Confederate Militia for a time. He also was a steamboat pilot for a time. So all of these little things that he did throughout his life all had to do with what kind of writing style he had. He had 7 siblings and he was one of the youngest so he must have had his older siblings influence on him.

March 29

Week 18

So Vertigo is kind of weird. Like it is just trippy to watch at some points and half the time it is like what is even going on. Trying to pay attention to the whole oh Madeleine is being possessed. As the movie continues there is something different about the way the music affects you. It is not really eerie but more just like oh somethings not right about all this. I really do not like this movie at all, everything is just weird and the plot is kind of weird as well. The whole idea of the movie is supposed to make you feel uneasy and it did its job quite well. Though Alfred Hitchcock did his best with what he had it was still not as good as it probably could have been. I do like his use of vertigo like when Scotty is in a high place and it gets that weird camera thing where the camera comes out but it zooms in at the same time that was cool. To make it more modern I would probably add some better graphics to it and some better effects in the movie because it was made in the 50s so it is obviously not gonna be the greatest looking but that is why you change it up a little. Some of the different things probably are not possible like the fact that Madeleine jumps into San Fransisco Bay and just automatically passes out. She would have been a little more lively just really cold when Scotty pulled her out. Also after she gets pulled out Scotty takes her home and undresses her, like that is a little weird and the fact that she just kind of lets it goes like oh this is normal. She seems off the entire time too it is no wonder we never thought that something was wrong but we were so focused on the fact she may be possessed we did not even think that there was something eviler going on.

March 14

Week 17

This is quite a different sort of poem. It is not the usual happy or even sad kind of poem. Half the stuff that Whitman says is just kind of confusing. Our own part is even worse in the fact that he brings animals into it. Like what does this animal have in common with this one, like how are we just supposed to know what he had in his head when he wrote this. From what I can even understand he does hit a lot with Transcendentalist views. It affects his writing in the poem what seems to me quite a bit. The most important lines from my section, I really am not sure what they might be. I mean he does say something about how different animals from different places around the globe are all similar. I guess that may be something important. I still do not even truly understand his entire meaning of using that but I guess if he really wanted us to know what he thought he would have said it straight up instead of letting us interpret it on our own. I am having many difficulties with the work. My entire ideas of how to go through and find things in a poem are totally wrong apparently because I can not for the life of me figure out what the heck he is talking about in most the poem. He really seems off his rocker when he talks. Now I do not know entirely what he went through or anything but he seems just a bit off. Like the fact that this a great work in literature is just confusing to me. Obviously why I will not be going into a Literature type class or career. This is one of the worst poems I have tried to figure out to really understand. That really is not saying anything because im not very good at it in the first place but still, this is one of the most confusing as of yet.

February 14

Week 16

I do agree “that the government is best which governs least?” I feel that people should take into their own accounts of what they should do and the government should not be so intentive into the comings and goings of its citizens. A government that commands my respect is one that really pays attention to the needs of its citizens, not one who is going to sit back and watch as its people suffers. A respectable government should be one that really acts like a leader than a boss. They should be showing what the people should do and be showing how things should go and follow the rules they make instead of saying something and doing differently. A dictatorship is a prime example of a boss like a leader. A leader who shows people by example and rewards well is a real kind of person you want in charge instead of someone who sits behind a desk and tells you what to do. Civil disobedience is good because it keeps violence to a minimum in situations that could turn bloody. Over the years revolutions and protest have been bloody and violent with lots of death, rape, and vandalism. In the past few years, the protests have been a lot more peaceful (not including Antifa), and have been actually almost a better way to protest giving better results than violent ones. If his essay can effect such great figures such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. then it must be a very valuable and useful message that comes off of it. In some cases civil disobedience is, maybe not ok but more understandable, violence is never acceptable unless you or yours are threatened. Like if a violent dictator is trying to come to power by force and a revolution is in the process than it is understandable to be violent back.

February 14

week 15

Thoreau’s thoughts were similar to Emerson’s in the case of they both believe that the entirety of nature is quite and a decent place. The main idea of the first part is that this man is walking around in nature looking at farms and that the man is enjoying nature. He also likes the idea of walking and just paying attention to the little things of nature. The main point of the conclusion is to show that in the end, he felt that his time spent in nature was worthwhile to really show how he felt. The leaving behind of society could help show how peaceful life without people is, how the world can actually be beautiful when there is not the sound of cars or vehicles and pollution about. I do believe that I could live in out in nature without the help of society to keep me alive. All a person living on their own really needs is to keep yourself busy so you do not go insane. Out of all the times most people were left stranded alone they either found stuff to do to keep themselves alive and from going mad, or they went insane and usually never made it home. The one thing I would really miss about being out there would be living by myself without people around. I am not creative and feel that at some point I would not be able to keep myself from going mad. I would also miss technology as most people would. Technology is the biggest crutch the human race has these days. Not many people are capable of living without it. It is such a needed thing for people, like without they could not function, much like with coffee. A modern reader should look at how people need to really be involved with nature to get a good feeling with nature and to really feel whole. Most people do not get that anymore.

February 5

week 14

I believe that my thoughts on debating are still the same. Leave it to the politicians. I’m for one no good at it. My facts were all over the place even if they did help. As much as I disliked doing it, it was a good experience for us to learn and do it. My arguing skills are bad. Mostly because I find it hard to find the information helpful to me. I still don’t like arguing, about anything, with anyone. I’ve never been good at and I can never win an argument with people. Making a persuasive speech was quite hard, trying to find facts that could help show people my view that was given was difficult. With trying to get as many people on board as I could, I had to branch out and look at different things to get them to believe what I could. Im glad I did not, in fact, have to argue with my parents on this case because they don’t like to believe they are wrong. A lot of adults are like that, especially with teens, they believe that someone younger than them doesn’t know what they are talking about. If you look at different generations it is all like that. Older people go off of their life that they use to know and not the times of now, while adults that are around 30-40, make excuses for what they use to do and tell you that it’s not ok now. I can’t say young people know what they are talking about either though because most young people know nothing about our history or listen to false teachings. As most of America doesn’t know anything about our history it’s hard to use things to debate when they don’t even know what is true or not.

January 17

Week 13

The debate topic I was given is Abortion and the position I was given is the Pro side. I do feel that my position chosen is my own output on the topic. I already know that the with most abortions they like it to occur before the 7 months for the most part. With a basic Google search, you find a lot of different definitions and some normal questions people ask about abortion. One way I plan on addressing my topic is to in a logical approach, is to start with the big facts about it, this meaning I will find numbers and surveys and such to find what people really think and how well it is useful. My ethical take on it would be the religious side of things and how people really dislike and think it is murder, but can you consider something not born a person? An emotional thing I can use is how, if you look at it, a lot of abortions are done because a woman is raped. They may not want a reminder of the time that they were taken advantage of and hurt. There is the option of adoption as well, but if you look at the United States child services, some children put under their care are also taken advantage of or left to fend for themselves with nothing more than the other children they have with them. No one wants anyone, a child most of all, to be put through something like that. You can also look at it this way, maybe the mother does not believe she can take care of the child and help it succeed in life, but she also doesn’t want to go through with putting the child through adoption, or the mothers parents might not be the most understanding of the mothers situation and she doesn’t want to put herself through labor and all of that with no one to pay for a procedure. Back to the religious idea of it all and the pro-life people, they will throw out there that if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex, or you use some form of protection, but there are also those women who were taken advantage of who could not make that choice.

January 2

week 12

The current issue I am planning on doing is illegal immigration and the fact that the men and women of these Central American countries think they can enter the U.S. without having any kind of visa or anything telling them they can enter. So there are two sides to this and I can see either POV. The first side is against letting them in because 1) these people have not passed entrance exams nore been given permission by the U.S. to enter. 2) there are criminals in the group that has made its way to the border. The other side thinks these people are all innocent and should be given sanctuary in the U.S. to help them. Im against letting them in because there is no way of knowing what all these people are going to do and they would be given a chance that thousands of others can’t have because their isn’t big enough of a movement to let them in for free. So my year so far has been kind of rough with my grades being kind of up and down. The one good thing is that baseball will be starting soon and i will have something to push me to do better in my classes. Something i would change would be to do more homework and pay more attention in classes. I can go about by paying attention and not be a procrastinator. Something that would prevent me from doing so would be video games and sleeping. Because i do a lot of both. That and or pretending that I don’t have anything to do so I don’t get anxious about missing stuff. I can also blame my dog now haha. I pay attention a lot to her and get side tracked when she does something cute. Also i just get side trakced easily. My mind jumps from thing to thing all the time. Its hard for me to focus on things some times.