May 22

Blog 22

So I wasn’t very happy with the movie. It was kind of boring most of the time and there was always a flashback at some point and it was quite annoying. I think we were supposed to take away from the film that even with being rich, that doesn’t mean that you will be happy. You can see that a lot in real life as well with how some celebrities even being rich and having great homes and whatever they want mostly they still may have problems or might not like there lives. Look at Robin Williams. He was a great actor and comedian and all around great person trying to make people in his life happy wherever he went but still, he killed himself. In the movie, Charles had a lot of money but he could never be happy. I think this is because he was so focused on having money that he couldn’t have taken the time to really have a good relationship. You can see that even having the “American Dream” Charles still can’t be happy with anyone. I think Charles really can’t be happy because he doesn’t know how to really interact with someone without his money. His life has been centered around money since he was little so throughout his life he has been worried about that. Why both his marriages had failed I think. The figures of his life, first from his mother who put him on the path that he was on then his friends who continued to keep him going with his money ideals. Then his first wife, who helped him in his role to become president until she found out he was actually a terrible person. His second wife was more of his realization that he should have tried harder with other people to make better friends and try to have better relationships with people.

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