April 9

Week 19

Satire and Humor are all around us. We see it in political types of ads and even during elections. Satire is used in everyday life but we may not always notice it because it can be subtle. Not all people notice or really care to see satire or even humor sometimes.  I enjoy dark humor, probably a little more than I should. Dark humor is just funny and I think it is the fact that it is usually regarding someone else’s pain which in our society today is quite funny. Like dark humor is things you shouldn’t be making jokes about. Some jokes may be centered towards major atrocities or the daily failures of everyone’s lives. Most people may think that is not civil to be laughing at such things but pain is funny. Almost everyone laughs at physical pain like if a clown hurts himself but not everyone will admit that other things are funny. Not a lot of people like to admit they think dark humor is funny because some people might think they are bad people because of it, but the reality is we all think pain is funny we just express it differently. I really do not know much of Mark Twain and his writing but I have a feeling I will know soon enough. Some things that may have affected his writing though are, he dropped out of school in the fifth grade, so he never got a full education. Also during the Civil War, he joined a Confederate Militia for a time. He also was a steamboat pilot for a time. So all of these little things that he did throughout his life all had to do with what kind of writing style he had. He had 7 siblings and he was one of the youngest so he must have had his older siblings influence on him.

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