March 14

Week 17

This is quite a different sort of poem. It is not the usual happy or even sad kind of poem. Half the stuff that Whitman says is just kind of confusing. Our own part is even worse in the fact that he brings animals into it. Like what does this animal have in common with this one, like how are we just supposed to know what he had in his head when he wrote this. From what I can even understand he does hit a lot with Transcendentalist views. It affects his writing in the poem what seems to me quite a bit. The most important lines from my section, I really am not sure what they might be. I mean he does say something about how different animals from different places around the globe are all similar. I guess that may be something important. I still do not even truly understand his entire meaning of using that but I guess if he really wanted us to know what he thought he would have said it straight up instead of letting us interpret it on our own. I am having many difficulties with the work. My entire ideas of how to go through and find things in a poem are totally wrong apparently because I can not for the life of me figure out what the heck he is talking about in most the poem. He really seems off his rocker when he talks. Now I do not know entirely what he went through or anything but he seems just a bit off. Like the fact that this a great work in literature is just confusing to me. Obviously why I will not be going into a Literature type class or career. This is one of the worst poems I have tried to figure out to really understand. That really is not saying anything because im not very good at it in the first place but still, this is one of the most confusing as of yet.

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