January 17

Week 13

The debate topic I was given is Abortion and the position I was given is the Pro side. I do feel that my position chosen is my own output on the topic. I already know that the with most abortions they like it to occur before the 7 months for the most part. With a basic Google search, you find a lot of different definitions and some normal questions people ask about abortion. One way I plan on addressing my topic is to in a logical approach, is to start with the big facts about it, this meaning I will find numbers and surveys and such to find what people really think and how well it is useful. My ethical take on it would be the religious side of things and how people really dislike and think it is murder, but can you consider something not born a person? An emotional thing I can use is how, if you look at it, a lot of abortions are done because a woman is raped. They may not want a reminder of the time that they were taken advantage of and hurt. There is the option of adoption as well, but if you look at the United States child services, some children put under their care are also taken advantage of or left to fend for themselves with nothing more than the other children they have with them. No one wants anyone, a child most of all, to be put through something like that. You can also look at it this way, maybe the mother does not believe she can take care of the child and help it succeed in life, but she also doesn’t want to go through with putting the child through adoption, or the mothers parents might not be the most understanding of the mothers situation and she doesn’t want to put herself through labor and all of that with no one to pay for a procedure. Back to the religious idea of it all and the pro-life people, they will throw out there that if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex, or you use some form of protection, but there are also those women who were taken advantage of who could not make that choice.

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