January 2

week 12

The current issue I am planning on doing is illegal immigration and the fact that the men and women of these Central American countries think they can enter the U.S. without having any kind of visa or anything telling them they can enter. So there are two sides to this and I can see either POV. The first side is against letting them in because 1) these people have not passed entrance exams nore been given permission by the U.S. to enter. 2) there are criminals in the group that has made its way to the border. The other side thinks these people are all innocent and should be given sanctuary in the U.S. to help them. Im against letting them in because there is no way of knowing what all these people are going to do and they would be given a chance that thousands of others can’t have because their isn’t big enough of a movement to let them in for free. So my year so far has been kind of rough with my grades being kind of up and down. The one good thing is that baseball will be starting soon and i will have something to push me to do better in my classes. Something i would change would be to do more homework and pay more attention in classes. I can go about by paying attention and not be a procrastinator. Something that would prevent me from doing so would be video games and sleeping. Because i do a lot of both. That and or pretending that I don’t have anything to do so I don’t get anxious about missing stuff. I can also blame my dog now haha. I pay attention a lot to her and get side tracked when she does something cute. Also i just get side trakced easily. My mind jumps from thing to thing all the time. Its hard for me to focus on things some times.

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