December 20

Week – 11 (Virtues)

So I noticed how much I really need to work on things. I failed hard on following the virtues and I have evidence of it. Half the time I did stuff without thinking about because it may have been something that I didn’t realize before that was bad. Probably the worst one I failed was Determination. I lost my will to continue doing something and I just dropped it entirely. I dropped it and that was something I needed to get done. Anyways the idea of being the perfect human, doing no bad and following all the virtues is almost impossible. It is impossible because while trying to follow one thing you unintentionally stray from another. It’s hard to totally keep track as well on your own because you can totally deny that you did something that is against one or more of the virtues. It would be better if someone else was to do so or have a computer program figure it out where it won’t be biased towards or against you. Bias is the biggest thing you have to worry about especially with yourself. You can deny that you did something or say that you did and that can ruin the entire experiment. Also in the world, we live in today not everyone would be able to follow these virtues because not everyone wants too. The virtues can interveneĀ in what people may want to do or do every day and they might not like the fact of changing that. Not everyone wants to be a good person either, they want to do what they want no matter what they are seen as. Back to me and how I think I did, I feel like that some of the virtues I strayed from were not in fact the most important and would in the end not end up hurting me in any way.

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