September 28

Week 5

So my idea for my story came from watching a lot of cop shows on Netflix with my mom and gram. My story really hasn’t changed from the stuff we did in class and my story really hasn’t changed from how we started to deconstruct it because I like my idea and don’t want to change it. So there really isnt a how it changed except the setting changed and some of the characters may have changed how they acted but the why is a real doozy because I just kinda decided that was how it was gonna be and didn’t really think about how the characters would develop if they develop at all. The story should be kind of decent even though my characters and plot aren’t the greatest but im not a very creative person sorry. The characters should fit nicely into the story and have a decently rounded outlook throughout the whole thing. It’s a very simple story with pretty much one conflict that only ends with someones death and that death is… well i can’t tell you so you’ll have to read through my weird creation to find out. Also I feel that with how the story is about a murder that some people think it could be gory but it is really just the opposite and more about the chase, kinda like a good hunting story, but the thing being hunted is a person and the hunter is his wife.

September 17

Week 4

So my book is A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin and I quite like this book because I’m into the medieval era and just think it is interesting and the involvement of mythical like creatures just makes me love it even more. My output on the characters is, I like pretty much every character in the book (except Cersei and Joffrey for obvious reasons) but my absolute favorite character is Tyrion Lannister who is just the cockiest person for his size and how people could just obliterate him if they wanted too but he just does whatever he wants. He is the first character that I have read about who doesn’t have any physical talent but is actually one of the smartest people in the book that we have a perspective from. It is upsetting that we don’t have any pov from Robb and I feel that he would be a cool character to see his transition from the boy he was to a war leader. I love this book but like with every story there are some things that I think could have been different (I know, a 16-year-old knows a lot about a book to have a say over an author)  like the fact that with Ned’s ideals he would not allow himself to help either of Roberts brothers take the throne and in the end got his head cut off for it or even with he still would have been taken prisoner but sent to the wall and helped Jon and the Night’s Watch be just a little bit better with more experienced people. Ned could possibly become First Ranger after Benjen goes missing and helped Jon train to be better than he already was. Perhaps Bran might not have climbed the broken tower and been pushed off by Jamie and he could possibly be taken to King’s Landing with the rest of them. I already know what happens in the story so because I finished it so I can say that this is probably my favorite book that I have ever read. I also know that with how it ends off that they still could have done more.

September 9

Week 3

So the start of “Devil and Tom Walker” was kinda different from what I usually read mostly because I read more of fantasy and sci-fi instead. The story isn’t bad it’s just not my kinda story but the ending has a nice twist as to where he just kinda gets taken by the devil but other than that I wasn’t really into it. The society Washington Irving shows is most likely what it might have been like in the time period with how people treated one another and how the author uses the trees as a depiction for the powerful people in the story and that there rotten at the core saying that they were really bad people instead of what they acted like on the outside and that really shows how most people act in todays world as well. I think Irving wrote this to kind of show some of his own veiws of the time such as how Tom wouldn’t become a slave trader because that was bad but making a deal with the devil wasn’t and that Tom’s wife was more of the man in the relationship were as in the time the story was written this would have been a very controversial topic to speak of. These things he put in the story showed how he veiwed the world around him and showed what he thought was roght and wrong such as slavery. I believe to make the story more modern someone could change the deal perimeter to something more of today’s standards so maybe instead of slave trading he could be asked to start a nuclear war or something big like that. Someone could also change the main character from Tom to maybe it follows a woman instead because you know equality and stuff and they could make things different from where they protagonists man/woman would find the devil would be somewhere like say the Alimo or Tombstone in the western part of the U.S.  This story is similar to what I read in some cases because the protagonist may make a deal with a mhor character to help them in the long run but end up ruining them later.

September 3

week 2

So as far as stories go I did not know how entirely you can get into a book like how deep you can look at simple things the author may have put into his/her story and how a few words can change how you look at the entire story. When I used to think about setting it was place and time where the story takes place but seeing that it does more than that makes me think of how in A Game of Thrones the characters are put into different states of mind by were they are in the world. This changes my entire perspective on how these characters are actually feeling through out the book and how there development could have been different had they been in another place. With observing from a third person perspective you can’t get the full thoughts of the characters you are watching were as in a first person one you can and you can see how the character reacts to things going on. Most often I am just observing, I don’t like to get involved much with things usually because I run scenarios through my head and if they end badly I just watch what happens and if i’m right huzzah and if not well too bad I missed it, and I honestly should play a bigger role in my own life just so I don’t miss out on so much that I already do. We can make the transition by just acting in our own lives to change the outcome and be involved because it only takes one step to change from on to the other. So know we have finished week two of the school year and honestly the only thing that has changed has been the work load that we have been given and the fact that I now know what the rest of the year should be like with my teachers and how much work I will need to put in for different teachers to get good grades and how easy some of my classes should be should I do the work.