August 26

Week 1

The first week of school is always the worst because instead of getting up around 9-10 I have to get up around 7 and on top of that I have to go somewhere soon after I get up. Usually I also never have to deal with so many people in a matter of an hour of getting up but now it’s gonna be every day for the rest of the year. Homework sucks as usual and I know it’s only gonna get worse, but there are some things that aren’t boring to do. I’m hoping that this year I can pass all my classes with at least an A but that might be pushing it a little bit and I hope that I can do well in baseball this year compared to last year.. I still can’t say I like school I know i can never say that because I hate having to wake up by 6:45 everyday and the fact i have to deal with people that early isn’t fun. I don’t like large groups of people so I avoid most people in the morning and throughout the day, but some people I can deal with and make the day better. I have a feeling i might do pretty well this school year in most of my classes, but i still feel like it could get pretty ruff sometimes with classes like physics and my CAD course but other than that I should do pretty well. I don’t like to think of all the projects and stuff I have to read and the projects I have to do in which I just don’t like doing. I will end up doing them because I have to but I will admit some projects can be fun depending on what they are about. The class im looking forward to most this year is probably going to be American Cultures just becasue of the history aspect of it. Probably the biggest suprise is the giant books I have to read for Computer Aided Design but I hope that it will still be a fun class otherwise.