January 17

Week 13

The debate topic I was given is Abortion and the position I was given is the Pro side. I do feel that my position chosen is my own output on the topic. I already know that the with most abortions they like it to occur before the 7 months for the most part. With a basic Google search, you find a lot of different definitions and some normal questions people ask about abortion. One way I plan on addressing my topic is to in a logical approach, is to start with the big facts about it, this meaning I will find numbers and surveys and such to find what people really think and how well it is useful. My ethical take on it would be the religious side of things and how people really dislike and think it is murder, but can you consider something not born a person? An emotional thing I can use is how, if you look at it, a lot of abortions are done because a woman is raped. They may not want a reminder of the time that they were taken advantage of and hurt. There is the option of adoption as well, but if you look at the United States child services, some children put under their care are also taken advantage of or left to fend for themselves with nothing more than the other children they have with them. No one wants anyone, a child most of all, to be put through something like that. You can also look at it this way, maybe the mother does not believe she can take care of the child and help it succeed in life, but she also doesn’t want to go through with putting the child through adoption, or the mothers parents might not be the most understanding of the mothers situation and she doesn’t want to put herself through labor and all of that with no one to pay for a procedure. Back to the religious idea of it all and the pro-life people, they will throw out there that if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex, or you use some form of protection, but there are also those women who were taken advantage of who could not make that choice.

January 2

week 12

The current issue I am planning on doing is illegal immigration and the fact that the men and women of these Central American countries think they can enter the U.S. without having any kind of visa or anything telling them they can enter. So there are two sides to this and I can see either POV. The first side is against letting them in because 1) these people have not passed entrance exams nore been given permission by the U.S. to enter. 2) there are criminals in the group that has made its way to the border. The other side thinks these people are all innocent and should be given sanctuary in the U.S. to help them. Im against letting them in because there is no way of knowing what all these people are going to do and they would be given a chance that thousands of others can’t have because their isn’t big enough of a movement to let them in for free. So my year so far has been kind of rough with my grades being kind of up and down. The one good thing is that baseball will be starting soon and i will have something to push me to do better in my classes. Something i would change would be to do more homework and pay more attention in classes. I can go about by paying attention and not be a procrastinator. Something that would prevent me from doing so would be video games and sleeping. Because i do a lot of both. That and or pretending that I don’t have anything to do so I don’t get anxious about missing stuff. I can also blame my dog now haha. I pay attention a lot to her and get side tracked when she does something cute. Also i just get side trakced easily. My mind jumps from thing to thing all the time. Its hard for me to focus on things some times.

December 20

Week – 11 (Virtues)

So I noticed how much I really need to work on things. I failed hard on following the virtues and I have evidence of it. Half the time I did stuff without thinking about because it may have been something that I didn’t realize before that was bad. Probably the worst one I failed was Determination. I lost my will to continue doing something and I just dropped it entirely. I dropped it and that was something I needed to get done. Anyways the idea of being the perfect human, doing no bad and following all the virtues is almost impossible. It is impossible because while trying to follow one thing you unintentionally stray from another. It’s hard to totally keep track as well on your own because you can totally deny that you did something that is against one or more of the virtues. It would be better if someone else was to do so or have a computer program figure it out where it won’t be biased towards or against you. Bias is the biggest thing you have to worry about especially with yourself. You can deny that you did something or say that you did and that can ruin the entire experiment. Also in the world, we live in today not everyone would be able to follow these virtues because not everyone wants too. The virtues can intervene in what people may want to do or do every day and they might not like the fact of changing that. Not everyone wants to be a good person either, they want to do what they want no matter what they are seen as. Back to me and how I think I did, I feel like that some of the virtues I strayed from were not in fact the most important and would in the end not end up hurting me in any way.

December 2

Week 10

So this poem just seems to be all over the place and I really don’t understand it totally. I’ve been trying to understand poetry more it just seems to go through my head and get all scrambled. I’m not dyslexic or anything I just don’t get it. So theme is still a mystery to me. This story’s theme in particular. I don’t know what it’s getting at, at all. Ok I do but it’s still more confusing than anything. I have countless questions about the story. Why does he use the whole “The Dodo’s Conundrum” as the title when it has nothing to do with a Dodo. I mean yes the story has to do with the whole own person and what not. Like why does the author jump around from thing to thing, why do they decide that is a good idea? Anyways the sound and sense questions still confuse me a little but I definitely did a better job on that than Eldorado. I still can’t write poetry for anything. I’m terrible and anyone who has read my poems can attest to that. So getting back to the reason I said that no, writing poetry has not affected how I analyze poems. It still confuses me how rhyme and rhythme really work howver much I try to understand. I do try to understand it but my mind can only take so much and poetry is not the most important thing in school at the moment. There will be more to worry about when the chapter is over and I will be happier for it. Anyways back to the blog, my rhyme isn’t bad but my understanding of rhythme is still dodgy. Like the whole male ending and female ending. I don’t know how to figure that out. At all. 

November 27

week 9

So I still hate poetry that hasn’t changed. I actually dislike more now knowing how much more you really have to think about it all. I’m lazy would not like the idea of taking the time to totally find all the rhymes and rhythms for poems. No writing with more requirements has not affected how I look at other poems. I will always not pay total attention and it’s hard enough for me to totally get what people mean unless they say it outright. It also is kind of stupid that some authors may mean one thing but be able to not tell anyone and ask for your opinion. They also usually use big or intelligent words that I don’t totally understand and expect me to realize what they are talking about. Also, most poets (unless they are talking about love and such) are probably mentally unstable and the only thing they do instead of getting actual help is writing about there problems which in the end is no help to them whatsoever and yeah they might make some money off of a poem but they still don’t use that to help themselves. In the first poem, I still wasn’t sure about rhythm or rhyme but after the second one, I understand both way more. So my second poem is about Life. Kind of simple, I don’t have much more of a way to explain it. It’s about life and death and somewhat about not giving up even when life gets hard and to get back up when you get knocked down. I really don’t know totally what my decision was about I guess I just thought that it was something everyone could get behind in the end after they read it. Although the poem is not the greatest I still believe that anyone who reads it will understand the point that I’m getting at. So for my second poem, some visual elements I could use possibly would be like when I speak of a river flowing it would be us as humans slowly moving through time so like a clock.

November 13

Week 8

I do not like poems. I hate poetry in general, but we have to do this, so. I don’t like reading most of the poems I have read. Some of them are clever I suppose but nothing more.  They really don’t have any point except for the little thing the author gave it. As for Eldorado, I understand the whole point of greed leads to death or the one thing we search for most leads to our downfall, but for real, why so many little details. The whole thing about the poem just seems stupid. If you look at poems they just seem kind of stupid in general. like what middle-aged man wants to write poetry. If your sad do something normal people do, just don’t tell anyone about it or ignore the fact that you are sad and day drink (this is a joke and this is not something I do please do not report me to guidance). The way poems go about expressing feeling is boring by nature. If a person really wants to convey their feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Poems are a terrible platform to do so. As for songs being poems, they are accompanied harmoniously with notes and pitches. Each different note carries an emotion with it, for instance, a major chord makes one feel happy and a minor chord makes one feel sad. Poems alone don’t have any other way of deciphering them making them boring, frustrating, and confusing. So getting away from why I don’t like poems, my poem is called The Baseball Diamond. It’s about baseball. obviously. The summary of the poem is kind of boy hits a home run and runs around the bases and thinks about how said boy got there (obviously not about me). The poem isn’t the greatest but then again im not a great writer in the first place. My poem changed themes multiple times and I really didn’t know the best way to write it. Writing this poem only reinforced my distaste for poetry. I didn’t enjoy it in any way and each line somebody hitting my brain sledgehammer and all that struggle for a bad poem.

October 31

Blog 7b

So for my second book, I read Beyond Valor, by Frank Geron. So the reason I chose to read this book was that I like history and the beginning 1900s to late 1950s is my favorite time period to learn about. At the beginning of the book, I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about it because it started out slow, but as I continued to read my interest started to peak. This was more than just any war story it was a story about a group of three U.S. Army soldiers sent behind enemy lines to help liberate a concentration camp in Italy towards the end of the war, these men were ordered to and did not do it for the love they bore the Italian partisans although as they began to work better with them, they were still only there because they had to be and realy had no want to be there in the beginning, while still wanting to help them after they truly realized what they were fighting for. The partisans were fighting for there freedom to liberate their country from oppressive rule, that was the major difference from them and the three U.S. soldiers. The three men were required to join a detachment of Italian partisans so that they had more firepower to help liberate the Jews encamped in the concentration camp. You slowly start to feel for the men and women who were a part of the rebel group because they worked totally alone and their families could always be targeted for what they were doing but they did it anyway to help the Jewish people there. Like with the family that takes them in for a time and then end up dying because they get attacked by German troops. I also began to understand what some of the U.S. soldiers began to feel especially those who are mentioned and although it is not entirely a true story it does go over some of the things the men had to go through. The soldiers leave their encampment and meet the first rebels by swimming through a river and getting shot at by a German MG-42. I empathized very negatively with Volterra as he had no trust for the U.S. forces when he first met them even knowing what they had accomplished to make it all the way from Normandy into Germany and Italy. Most of his and Mastradas men welcomed the sight of the American soldiers because it meant they truly had a chance of winning their war against Mussolini and Hitler, but he also had no care for them because he knew they were only helping them because they were ordered too. I feel that people who enjoy reading about the time period would like this book but if you truly have no care for this kind of book then it isn’t worth it. Also if you have no care for the drama that is included in the book it is also not a worthwhile read because there is always some tension between the U.S. soldiers and some of the partisans. Such as when Volterra and the U.S. soldier in charge, Major Bakara, get into a fight because Volterra thinks Bakara is being racist him because he is also Jewish. The only part that I did not like about the story is how it ended, although the Jews made it away safely, all the U.S. soldiers involved were either killed or severely wounded. The woman that Bakara had grown to “love” made it out alive after the countless attempts from the Germans to kill everyone involved in the Jewish rescue.

October 30

Blog 7a

So my book is A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. I read this book because I believe it is a good story and it is my favorite book. I love this book and I was excited that I was allowed to read it for AR. When I first actually read the book I had already watched the show so I had expected most of what happened but I like how the book is better than the show with how some of the differences are. The characters are also kind of different in the story with how they act, some of the characters are more sinister than they are in the show which gives those characters a better story I believe. My thoughts about the book got better and better as I read the book, I used to never really like to read until a couple of years ago when I finally got the series. Some of the characters aren’t really fun to read about, like Sansa, she isn’t the most fun person to read about because it’s just that she talks about how her life sucks and how she gets stuck in the Red Keep with the people who murdered her friends, and although she is considered an important character if she wasn’t in the story it would make no difference to the story what so ever because in the first couple books her role is simply the damsel in distress, her importance isn’t understood until later in the series when she is part of big changes that occur. So I empathize most with Jon Snow because he has to learn to live a new way, in a new place, with new people and that is pretty much my junior year in a whole. People should read A Game of Thrones because it is a great first book and although people have different opinions on the rest of them the entire story in a whole is a good story with a lot of action and some romance, but it is in no way a romantic story. There is a lot of loss and death with the start of a war just beginning that will end up bringing most of Westeros into it.  The most important part that starts the story off is the death of the Hand of the King, Lord Jon Arryn (the Hand is the second most powerful man in Westeros under the King). After the death of Lord Arryn, the King goes to his oldest friend, Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, to make him his Hand, but while he his at Lord Starks home his son Brandon Stark is pushed from a tower window and later attacked by an assassin. The murder is pointed to Tyrion Lannister the son of the richest man in Westeros. He is taken captive and held under the false accusation it was him, who tried to murder Brandon. His captivity is what sparks off the war and the inevitable destruction of many a house and family. The most affected houses in the story are as follows, the Starks of Winterfell, the Lannisters of Casterly Rock, and the Baratheons of Storms End. Worse is that after the war starts the King is killed during a hunt and his “son” takes the throne, while his Hand, Ned Stark, is taken prisoner for treason against the Iron Throne. His captivity leads the rest of the Northern houses to take a stand and join the Riverlands against the Throne and the Lannisters who are now controlled by the same man, Lord Tywin Lannister, one of the last remaining lords of the seven great houses who were still alive at the beginning of the book.

October 8

Week 6

The difference between my first concept and my last is that in the first concept the story followed Cynthia more than Jack but I figured that it would be better from his perspective. Also, it was going to be a lot faster of a story with Jack leaving the house and getting shot immediately after by Cynthia. My characters would have been a little different adding probably more and different people maybe like more neighbors or maybe even had a shootout at some point. The story has changed because now I feel that Jack is better pursued by Cynthia because it makes for a better story that way with a little more action. I like my story but I don’t know how I feel about it like its decent I think but it could be way-way better. The thing I like most about my story is the fact that it could honestly happen in real life and that things like this may actually happen in everyday life. I still don’t like how quickly I ended the story when it could have been more of a cat and mouse chase that went all over New York. So with my independent reading book, I am almost finished with it and I know I should already be finished I just haven’t gotten around to doing so. I like the book it is a good one about a great group of characters all on their own adventures, some trying just to survive and others trying to make their way in the hierarchy or they just Hodor around because why not? I have an idea for my second book but I’m not entirely sure whether I should read it or not just because I’m not sure about the age level or the grade level on the book.

September 28

Week 5

So my idea for my story came from watching a lot of cop shows on Netflix with my mom and gram. My story really hasn’t changed from the stuff we did in class and my story really hasn’t changed from how we started to deconstruct it because I like my idea and don’t want to change it. So there really isnt a how it changed except the setting changed and some of the characters may have changed how they acted but the why is a real doozy because I just kinda decided that was how it was gonna be and didn’t really think about how the characters would develop if they develop at all. The story should be kind of decent even though my characters and plot aren’t the greatest but im not a very creative person sorry. The characters should fit nicely into the story and have a decently rounded outlook throughout the whole thing. It’s a very simple story with pretty much one conflict that only ends with someones death and that death is… well i can’t tell you so you’ll have to read through my weird creation to find out. Also I feel that with how the story is about a murder that some people think it could be gory but it is really just the opposite and more about the chase, kinda like a good hunting story, but the thing being hunted is a person and the hunter is his wife.