Movie: Vertigo. Review Time. (Ryan’s point of view)

So, the movie “Vertigo”, it was an interesting one, but it didn’t make any sense to me. It’s a very confusing movie, the plot and story is switched up ever few minutes, so it’s hard to focus on. Although, my opinion doesn’t count much since I don’t care much for watching movies, and I haven’t seen many movies at all, so I wouldn’t know how plot in movies work all that well. But in my own thoughts, I’d say the movie is seen as a well made one, so I’ll let that be the main opinion, because my opinion is unimportant. My main thoughts of Vertigo is that it hardly makes sense, but still has a good development of plot in some ways. It has a confusing plot, but still a good way of walking its way through the plot of it. The things in the movie I did like however, was the cast, or in other terms the characters in the movie itself. The cast has good roles and the directors (I think it’s the directors…) know how to set the scene perfectly. The lighting in certain parts was fantastic, it made the scenes more interesting. The background music was also good, and it fit the scenes perfectly. But that’s the things that I like, the things I don’t really like includes… The plot was a bit everywhere in my opinion, as I already said. The ending was a bit confusing, it made hardly any sense, but it was a good movie I guess. The movie was decent at most for my perspective. So, that’s my review. Not much of a reliable review, because I barely know how many movies work. But it’s still my opinion nonetheless. My opinion is done, may not be respected, but it’s still just an opinion. With that said, I’m done here.

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