The New Year. (Ryan’s point of view)

So, a new year has finally approached and the world is now in 2019. 2018 was such a great year (Sarcasm), so I thought I’d recap a bit on my school year so far from 2018. The school year hasn’t been going too well for me, but that’s not all to care about. The school work is fine, and the teachers are okay, it’s just that the school year is just very boring. Nothing interesting has yet to happen at all, and it’s very boring. If I were to change anything from this school year would be to actually have this place be actually interesting. Or to at least have less random people bother me, cause I’m the kind of person who would rather not be around other people…but this is school, they force you to be around other people. The reasons I have for wanting to change these things is that first of all, this school is boring, and second of all, all the people here are slightly……annoying, so I’d rather not be around them all too often. No offence to anyone reading this, that’s just my opinion. Those are the only things that I think that I would change. Some parts of these problems I can find my own way around, like the “not being around people” part of it. I could at least deal with that by not interacting with people…unless forced to. Avoiding confrontations/conversations with people can be difficult in a big place like this, but it can be done. I’d just have to be far from people so they don’t notice me at all. This is something I can do at anytime of the day or week, so it’ll be easy. The only thing that could possible prevent me from doing this is the people who don’t know what personal space is, I mean in a place like this there’s a lot of people like that.

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