Finishing my short story. (Ryan’s point of view)

So, I finally finished my short story (Like, a while ago.), and it turned out better then expected I guess. But from the concept of the story to the actual story, a few things were cut out of the final mix, and some things were added at the last second. I know that all the things left out of the story are, A character, an extra scene in the story, and a lot of dialogue. The story mainly changed by being more of ghostly haunted forest story, instead of being a haunted forest exploration story. I’m happy with the changes that were made to the story, even the change that got rid of an extra character. The extra character was a Bunny, and the main point of this character would be to falsely guide the two main characters and add more backstory to the forest keeper Kit. So, even with all these changes I’m still happy with how my story turned out. If there was anything in particular that I liked about my story it would have to be that the characters are very creative (I mean, I did make the characters way before the idea of the story came around. I’ll admit that it does feel kind of like a Furry story though…but that’s to be expected from me.). If there’s anything that I don’t like about my story specifically it would have to the fact that I didn’t give much explanation to the characters. All the characters have more to them then the story actually shows.

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