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The topic I chose to do a debate essay about is “School Starting Later”. I’m definitely for this topic because I’m a person that has trouble getting up in the morning. When it’s a 2-hour delay I feel like I’m more attentive during my courses, and it’s not the fact that the classes are shortened I just feel more awake and ready to start the day off right. Without doing any research I know that other schools around the US start at later times. and their students have better scores in basically everything and their more attentive during their classes. I haven’t looked at the school the schools online research database yet but I’m definitely find something. I plan on looking at reliable websites and the school’s research database to find information that is done by professionals to find logical (facts) and ethical (moral) information regarding my topic. There is a wide range of emotions that could be brought into this topic’s conversation. My classmates should care about this because this could improve all our grades in our courses and give us a better future. Plus if you’re like me and have trouble getting up in the morning and getting to school on time it will help with that too.

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