I took a week and tried to follow Franklin’s virtues. To be honest, it wasn’t easy, and I probably broke quite a few which makes me wonder how he survived using his virtues. Especially, since you can violate some of them and not cause any damage. At the same time, there are a couple that I didn’t violate because they don’t associate with my life. Temperance was hard because I always put myself in food comas, but the drinking half I followed because I don’t drink. Also, tranquility, I am so easily distracted no matter what I’m doing. The only time I can’t be distracted is when I am asleep. Silence was also not easy because I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when people say stupid things, I like to voice my opinion in all honesty. I also failed humility, order, Industry, and probably sincerity. Now that I look at it I didn’t do 3/4 of these. I sleep a lot and don’t value my time, and I am unorganized. The ones I did keep up were cleanliness, resolution , chastity, and moderation. I solved problems that needed to be fixed, and I kept clean. I mean, I guess those are good for the ones I completed. I partially kept up frugality, because I try to do good when I have the opportunity to do so. Overall, this seems impossible for the average person to do, Franklin probably suffered from this. I don’t see a reason to wanna be perfect when no one is and you can just be yourself. Even maybe just try one virtue a week, instead of fifteen all at once. I failed attempting to complete his virtues, and even if I put full effort in to I don’t think I could follow them because I can’t just change my personality over twenty four hours to act like a completely different way, and personally I wouldn’t wanna be perfect. Good luck to anyone who chooses to follow them though.



The school year has been good and bad, I have had good days and really bad days. I personally would change my decisions for this year and be more focused on my school work even throughout my stress. I want to improve my work-ethic and my concentration skills so I can get good grades and be successful. I just need to focus more and care more, and stop letting personal stuff get in my way of my education. This week I will be making sure I am caught up on things and not to fall behind. Although, another stress trigger could create me to not do these things, because when I am dealing with personal life things, I cannot focus. I will do my best to make the most of 2019 though, because I just wanna have a decent year overall.

There are so many topics to debate about in today’s world. For example, pro-choice and pro-life, gun laws, immigration, etc. A debate I would like to argue on would be the legalization of marijuana. There are two sides. You either want it to be legal or not legal. Reasons it should be legalized are things like, it really isn’t harmful, or addicting. I know people who are perfectly fine and have no issues. Although, at the same time it is a gateway drug to other things, which makes it bad. I personally, think it should be legalized because if you’re smart, you’ll be careful, or you won’t do it at all. Also, many people already do it, yet it is illegal. They barely catch people too which means police are not doing a very good job. I am very close on both sides though, and not even sure about my choice. It should be highly considered, because there are many pros and cons to each side for sure. I think the fact that it can be a gateway is bad though. Hence, I would argue about the legalization of marijuana.

Back to Analysis

The Dodo’s Conundrum made absolutely no sense. I do not understand what it means and it was not fun to read. I thought it was stupid and I cannot find a theme. Overall, I don’t wanna look at it anymore. The whole poem, made my head spin. I needed help to actually understand it from Alexis.  From what I have been told and now my understanding of the poem, it means a lot different things I guess. The train is a metaphor to a perfect life. The author, which is you, tries to make a perfect life on a model train. Although, comes to the realization that life isn’t perfect and it never will be. That’s just the way things go with the world, and something we get used to. Questions I have are, what does the model train have to do with a “dodo’s conundrum”? What does this poem mean? One thing I do know is this poem is depressing. The Eldorado sound and sense questions were a heck of a lot easier to answer then the  Dodo’s conundrum for sure. Apparently, writing poetry hasn’t effected the way I read poetry at all or I would understand this the slightest amount. I can identify rhyme but that is probably my maximum point. I am making my best attempt at working on our five paragraph assignment even though i’m struggling. I am sure it won’t be as bad as I think though, I will survive. Overall, I just do not have the personality type to appreciate poetry I guess. I tried to continue this blog, but I don’t know what else to write so here is my blog about me hating poetry.

It’s finally over!

  I am so glad our poetry unit is finally coming to an end. My perception of poetry has not changed at all, it is still complicated and stressful. I don’t wanna look or read poetry anymore, unless it is something I can tolerate. The writing part of it made me hate poetry even more, that was so much harder than I thought it would be. One was difficult, two was torture. It was a lot easier to rhyme and use bigger words in the second poem then the first, but still pretty hard. The first poem was a mess though, I was clueless and was at loss for words literally. I guess the second was better than the first, but not a big difference. I did pick up how to break a poem down though and it gives me the smallest bit of understanding with poetry. Also, now I know about unstressed and stressed syllables. I chose one of the easiest things I could think of for my second poem, and something upcoming. I wrote a poem about Christmas time because its basic and overall, Christmas is my favorite holiday and a very happy time. My poem kind of sucks, so I could help people understand it with pictures and such. Providing pictures helps give a deeper meaning to my poem so readers know what to picture, like Christmas trees and snow. Also, pictures are like a break from the words in any form of writing and who doesn’t like pretty pictures? My poem is pretty straightforward so the pictures are of course not necessary. Overall, I think maybe I’ll like poetry when I grow up or something, but I have no idea. I am so glad I will no longer be getting headaches from trying to rhyme words together, amazing.

Poetry still sucks

Poetry is not my strong suit and will probably never be my strong suit. The idea of poetry confuses me and I do not understand it 3/4 of the time. The only poetry l really understand is the kind l relate to, but that is it. I view poetry as a way to partially relieve stress and fit your feelings in to a couple of sentences. Talking about my feelings makes it easier for me to write poetry, but I tend to keep my feelings to myself.  I have tried to write a poem like once and gave up very quickly.,Clearly I have more knowledge about poetry than I did before we learned about it, and can write a poem. Although, the poem will suck it would still be a poem. I know that l have to learn poetry no matter what so I am trying my best. One of the poems we read ,”Eldorado”, was not terrible but not good either. Personally, I didn’t find it exciting but it was fun to pick out the deep meanings in the poem and their relations. By the end of the poem, once we reviewed it, it made more sense. I thought the form and rhythm was good, along with his diction. It brought understanding to the story. For our poetry assignment I chose to write about winter and the end of the year because it was the easiest thing l could think of, just being honest. Also, I really like Winter in general, how it looks, the snow, etc. I have a lot of work to do though, it is missing things it shouldn’t be. I guess it is a good thing though that I know it needs improvements. I did try my best to rhyme my words, not that it is the best, but they rhyme. I am going to go through and change some words and add more literary devices as well. I hope that I will soon enough appreciate poetry a little bit more, so then I can enjoy myself while reading it. That would be a miracle in all honesty.

Finishing my Story

My story has improved throughout the week and changed overall. At the beginning of the week, I had a quote that ended up being difficult to work with, so i changed it to a different one. I wrote a short story involving a house in the woods with a possessed little girl which turned out to be a lot more exciting than my vampire story. I went through and corrected all my mistakes from my peer review and then added a little detail in some places. I think I wrote an okay story, not a perfect one clearly. I like the emotion my story conveys, the emotion at the beginning is completely different by the end. I don’t like the way it looks to me, I feel like there isn’t enough detail or as if it isn’t long enough, even though I wrote four pages and that was procrastinated. Regarding my reading, I am a little behind. I am very close to being done with book one. The story is pretty different and boring, not like things I read. I did choose my second book and I chose “bad girls with perfect faces”. Hopefully, I will enjoy this one because I dislike reading in general. I have heard good things about my second book choice. Hence, my story and reading are coming along and soon enough I’ll be done with both, thankfully.

About my Story

I decided to write about something on the scary side just so it isn’t as boring. In my story, there is a group of teenagers who go adventuring and end up making reckless decisions. They go in to a pretty frightening abandoned house on a dare. The decision to go inside had very bad outcomes for everyone. The way I developed the quote wasn’t anything genius or unique. Looking at all the quote options just brought it upon me. The quote reminded me of something associated with a horror type story or film. Some of the activities we have completed were kind of complicated at first. I changed my story idea from a story about vampires in to a story about a possessed girl. The vampire topic was boring and to complicated to fill all the assignments out with. I guess the idea was just to general in a way. I think the way we deconstructed the writing process impacted how I view it. For example, I tend to look at writing essays and papers as a extremely boring and long task. I mean, who doesn’t in all reality. Once you deconstruct it though, everything is a lot easier to put together and you more than likely know what you’re gonna say rather than making it as you go along. I started to look at writing from a different perspective. It is not that hard once you break everything apart. Overall, I believe I won’t hate writing as much as I used to this year, this story may just turn out alright.

Independent Reading Blog

My book choice for this quarter was random if were being honest. I chose “A Good Idea” by Cristina Moracho. I have only read about 1/3 of the book, but I think it was a good choice. The novel is kind of sad, but creates more emotion. Stories, movies, and television shows that create strong emotion really draw me in. I believe being able to connect to something is a lot better than not. A character in the story who I appreciate is Serena. She has only popped in to the story once so far, but she did something great. The girl who died in the book was not announced at her graduation. This irritated Serena and she went up on the stage and begged for them to at least acknowledge her friend who she had lost. It was a strong gesture, and she fought for her. Personally, there isn’t many situations to relate to one hundred percent. Although, some of the ideas I can relate myself to in a way. The main character “Finley” lost someone she cared about, and it made her devastated. She didn’t know how to handle it or what to do. I have lost close family and I understand what that feels like. Also, animals I have lost, I have also reacted that way. People grow emotional attachments to their pets so it’s expected. Losing someone can change you, and the way you look at things. In the story, it was death, but even losing someone as a friend is devastating, and sometimes hurts pretty badly too. The story is kind of devastating itself, yet I think thing will turn around. The murderer will be disciplined for what he has done, and stop walking around like he is innocent. I don’t think he is innocent as of right now, but no one knows yet. Finley, the main character will move on with her life while remembering her friend who they believe passed, while attending NYU and making new friends. Owen, Finley’s friend, will keep in touch and stay in their hometown. Lastly, there hasn’t been much information yet, but once there’s more, i’ll have a better opinion.

The Devil and Tom Walker

After reading “The Devil and Tom Walker” for the second time this week, I have finally started to understand it. The story it self is kind of confusing and I feel like you have to think deeper to truly understand it. Overall, the story was alright although kind of boring, it also is not the best thing I have ever read. Most things I read tend to be subtitles on movies, or captions on photos, but taking the books I have read in to consideration, they are not similar. “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a lot more complicated and uses more words that I do not know the definition for. You also have to dig deeper and use more thought to know what they mean. A lot of the stories I read are more modern day typed then this as well. Another thing is the way the author makes society look in this work. It is a horrible place, and he makes the world look treacherous. It was horrible how Tom deceived people and wanted to persecute people due to their religion. The society is presented as the devil’s home, which it basically is. I can’t really think of a reason Irving would write something like this. One of the reasons could be to show how some people will go through anything to have something they want, even if it means hurting other people. For more modern people, I would add some simpler terms just to help. The story itself is not bad, but it would be better if people could understand it better. I  would also add a couple little exciting events or things just to make the story more exciting. Hence, stories like this are fascinating and some people appreciate work like this more than others for sure.

Second week completed!

Last weeks five days of going over terminology gave me a new perspective on some things. I realized how many things in one story there really was, and it made me think. I feel like no one realizes how in depth stories really can be, and if you notice that, you have a deeper connection to it. There are so many terms that I doubt a lot of people knew about, because I didn’t until these notes. One of the biggest terms that I actually had interest in was catharsis. I have experienced catharsis in almost every television show I have watched. I tend to get very attached to stories every once in a while too, I tend not to read though so it’s rare. I also wondered why I cried over movies and stuff but this explained it. There is a difference between being an active participant and observing a story as the audience. An active participant most likely understands it a lot more than just an observer. The way an active participant sees a story will bring out more emotion than someone who is observing the story. Active participants get more attached while an observer barely knows what is happening. I am an active participant in television shows and movies, but when it comes to books I am an observer. It easy to be whichever person you want though, if you wanna be an active participant then make effort to look at something differently. Put your care in to instead of looking and turning away from things. Aside from this, the second week of school has been alright, nothing exciting, unless you consider lockdown exciting. It freaked me out just a little bit. I would still rather be at home in bed watching The Vampire Diaries though. Things are working their way though.