Song of Myself Blog

This work was very hard to understand and took a lot of analyzing. I believe the writer had many different views on life and supported all of them. The whole thing consisted of many thoughts in life. For example, society is the product of a previous society. Also that children are the people who decide the future of new society, while old people give us wisdom. The story starts with his thoughts on life and perspectives, and then eases in to his death. Our section seemed pretty self explanatory in general. It was mainly about his death and how the darkness was coming to him. He wanted to die peacefully and with positive people around him, he doesn’t wanna be miserable as he goes. The writer’s legacy will live on and he wants people to influence people even when he is gone. His commitment to a transcendentalism philosophy affected his writing and perspective. Many statements were things he believed, they were not scientifically proven. The writer’s view was spoken through the whole entire piece. None of this has to be agreed with or viewed the same by other people, such as myself. The most important lines would have to be “You will hardly know who I am or what I mean, But I shall be good health to you nevertheless,” explaining his legacy. Another one I think holds importance is ” The past and present wilt – I have fill’d them, emptied them. And proceed to fill my next fold of the future.” stating the main idea of death coming too him. Also, how he wants honest before the end, he wants the truth from god. All of them provide the main meanings of this story, and lead it up to the end. The work overall, I did not really understand. It is honestly pretty difficult to understand and the only clear part to me is our section because we analyzed it. As we go over it, I start to understand it more and more. I feel like this is a pretty truthful story though, and as you understand it, it all fits together well. Hence, “Song of Myself” is a work that takes thought and analyzing.

Civil Disobedience

I don’t agree that “that government is best which governs least”. It was a stupid comment and it makes no sense. Our government does do a lot of stupid things and messes up quite often, but we still need it. The government is the core of our country, many things come from them. They keep the United States on its feet and provide us with money, food stamps, and much more. The government shut down for a couple days and things began to fall apart. Without our government we are faced with serious issues. Thoreau’s statement “Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect. and that will be one step toward obtaining it” is kind of difficult to understand. I feel like the majority of our people command respect, like we are a whole government. The people want the respect of our actual government. A democratic government gives us many things and commands our respect, but they seem to just wanna give everything for free and accept everyone so maybe their not the best option. Our people are strong enough to make a change in the government though, we just need to get our voice out. Civil disobedience today is still in tact today and has a big role. It is the base of all protests in the world and without it, what are we? Civil disobedience provides us with the ability to speak without being judged and tells us to believe what we want. The government doesn’t have to be appreciated, and just because you live here doesn’t mean you have to respect the government since they don’t respect us sometimes.Yes, it is still effective because if it wasn’t, they would never listen to the people. It used to be more effective, but now it is less. Our opinion matters when it comes to voting in any sort of election so that is us having a say in something government related. Thoreau feels negatively about the government as you know, and he isn’t the only one. Anyone can share their opinion though, and that is the meaning of civil disobedience..

Thoreau’s Attempt

Emerson and Thoreau both have really open minds and are very appreciative of life. They both value nature incredibly and believe you should live your life how you want too, do not waste your time. Emerson wrote more about being yourself and appreciating life for what is, while Thoreau wrote more about how life is short and we should live it to the fullest. They had somewhat different ideas, but they were alike for the most part. The first excerpt from “Where I lived, and what I lived for”, is about how Thoreau lived in many places and lived for adventure. He went to many places until he knew where he actually wanted to be. The farm that he bought was one of his more liked places, it was the only place he bought. Although, he ended up having to give it back. The second excerpt “The Conclusion” was more about not hating life because it is on you to be happy. Keep things simple, avoid unnecessary complications that are gonna cause you issues. For example, instead of counting to one million, count halfway. Thoreau’s experiment of living in the woods would give him some advantages. You learn how to live a completely different way of life, and get away from people for a while. You adapt differently so if something ever happened, you would be okay. Survival would be increased as well and it some circumstances it is important. Although, I think I would miss some people and social interaction. Going to long without other people can send someone crazy. Certain foods won’t be accessible either and some food is too good to let go. I like adventure and I love the woods, but I could not do this experiment. I would be scared of wild animals and I am so adapted to life the way it is, the change would be way to difficult. A modern reader who is reading transcendentalism should understand that it is okay to write about their thoughts and feelings rather than factual stuff. Speaking your mind sounds better than writing a history report.  Hence, a lot can be pulled from all of the things we have read.

End of Argument

Arguing is a very consistent event. People argue over everything, no matter how dumb the situation is. I personally enjoy arguing, and that may be a bad thing, but who cares. I have learned through our debate and other discussions many things. Winning an argument can be easy, but it can be hard. I am good at it from experience and I just naturally am I guess. Although, I have heard people argue and they sound like complete idiots. You can not when an argument with a weak point. It is important to know what you are talking about and not make stupid comments. You shouldn’t be arguing if you don’t know what you’re talking about. For example, when I argue with my parents I feel like I am talking to a wall. Most parents are one sided and believe their older so they are always right. That is far from how it works, you have to be willing to view both sides of the story or you are irrelevant. I think learning about all of this has changed my way of arguing slightly. Maturity and common sense is more necessary than just blurting out random words. Think about what you are gonna say so you sound like you have an IQ. I believe different measures should be taken though depending on the argument. Big arguments need research and time to win, while stupid ones with your friends can be won with no problem. The persuasive speech part was difficult because it was new to me, but at the end I believed I may have had a chance. I made some strong points with something I don’t even agree with, and some people couldn’t do that. It would have been better if I cared about the topic, but either way it gave me experience which is good. This whole unit has impacted me because I care about this stuff. Things I enjoy take bigger effects rather than poetry for example. Hopefully, in the future, we may come across something like this again. As much as I didn’t want to debate, I would have enjoyed watching it. Hence, I do believe this was a good unit and we all enjoyed it equally.

Blog 13

My topic for the debate is Border Wall. My assigned position is to not build the wall, the con side. No, this is not my personal position on this debate. I believe the wall should be built to keep people out. The topic is extremely controversial for many, but I stand on building it for sure. I know that not building the wall will save the U.S. millions of dollars, and offer many people a chance at a new life and a new start. On google, I noticed they have a go fund me going to raise money for the wall. That is kind of stupid because if Trump wanted the wall so bad, he would pay for it and stop expecting otherwise. It also isn’t to great that he is shutting our government down. Although, it basically advises us of things we already know about. I plan to address the topic as best I can, although I don’t side with it which makes it hard. I will state my main point about the cost and how we are taking many peoples chance at a happy life away. Another point about how all the drama from the wall is causing problems for everyone because Trump is a broke whiny adult. This whole debate reflects on racism in a way because we are keeping different races out of our country, due to fear of job loss and terrorists. We judge others based on previous experiences in our country. Many people are upset and sad over these occurrences. Clearly, Mexicans and others would be sad about their chance being taken away from them. Also, anyone who supports the con side would show pity towards other countries. Then you have the people who don’t show sympathy for these people, such as myself. We are more excited about keeping people out because of our belief that you shouldn’t be able to run to another country when things get rough, so you should stay in your country. We feel more excitement and less emotion for those people than others. Hence, although I don’t support this debate I will do my best to win.


I took a week and tried to follow Franklin’s virtues. To be honest, it wasn’t easy, and I probably broke quite a few which makes me wonder how he survived using his virtues. Especially, since you can violate some of them and not cause any damage. At the same time, there are a couple that I didn’t violate because they don’t associate with my life. Temperance was hard because I always put myself in food comas, but the drinking half I followed because I don’t drink. Also, tranquility, I am so easily distracted no matter what I’m doing. The only time I can’t be distracted is when I am asleep. Silence was also not easy because I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when people say stupid things, I like to voice my opinion in all honesty. I also failed humility, order, Industry, and probably sincerity. Now that I look at it I didn’t do 3/4 of these. I sleep a lot and don’t value my time, and I am unorganized. The ones I did keep up were cleanliness, resolution , chastity, and moderation. I solved problems that needed to be fixed, and I kept clean. I mean, I guess those are good for the ones I completed. I partially kept up frugality, because I try to do good when I have the opportunity to do so. Overall, this seems impossible for the average person to do, Franklin probably suffered from this. I don’t see a reason to wanna be perfect when no one is and you can just be yourself. Even maybe just try one virtue a week, instead of fifteen all at once. I failed attempting to complete his virtues, and even if I put full effort in to I don’t think I could follow them because I can’t just change my personality over twenty four hours to act like a completely different way, and personally I wouldn’t wanna be perfect. Good luck to anyone who chooses to follow them though.



The school year has been good and bad, I have had good days and really bad days. I personally would change my decisions for this year and be more focused on my school work even throughout my stress. I want to improve my work-ethic and my concentration skills so I can get good grades and be successful. I just need to focus more and care more, and stop letting personal stuff get in my way of my education. This week I will be making sure I am caught up on things and not to fall behind. Although, another stress trigger could create me to not do these things, because when I am dealing with personal life things, I cannot focus. I will do my best to make the most of 2019 though, because I just wanna have a decent year overall.

There are so many topics to debate about in today’s world. For example, pro-choice and pro-life, gun laws, immigration, etc. A debate I would like to argue on would be the legalization of marijuana. There are two sides. You either want it to be legal or not legal. Reasons it should be legalized are things like, it really isn’t harmful, or addicting. I know people who are perfectly fine and have no issues. Although, at the same time it is a gateway drug to other things, which makes it bad. I personally, think it should be legalized because if you’re smart, you’ll be careful, or you won’t do it at all. Also, many people already do it, yet it is illegal. They barely catch people too which means police are not doing a very good job. I am very close on both sides though, and not even sure about my choice. It should be highly considered, because there are many pros and cons to each side for sure. I think the fact that it can be a gateway is bad though. Hence, I would argue about the legalization of marijuana.

Back to Analysis

The Dodo’s Conundrum made absolutely no sense. I do not understand what it means and it was not fun to read. I thought it was stupid and I cannot find a theme. Overall, I don’t wanna look at it anymore. The whole poem, made my head spin. I needed help to actually understand it from Alexis.  From what I have been told and now my understanding of the poem, it means a lot different things I guess. The train is a metaphor to a perfect life. The author, which is you, tries to make a perfect life on a model train. Although, comes to the realization that life isn’t perfect and it never will be. That’s just the way things go with the world, and something we get used to. Questions I have are, what does the model train have to do with a “dodo’s conundrum”? What does this poem mean? One thing I do know is this poem is depressing. The Eldorado sound and sense questions were a heck of a lot easier to answer then the  Dodo’s conundrum for sure. Apparently, writing poetry hasn’t effected the way I read poetry at all or I would understand this the slightest amount. I can identify rhyme but that is probably my maximum point. I am making my best attempt at working on our five paragraph assignment even though i’m struggling. I am sure it won’t be as bad as I think though, I will survive. Overall, I just do not have the personality type to appreciate poetry I guess. I tried to continue this blog, but I don’t know what else to write so here is my blog about me hating poetry.

It’s finally over!

  I am so glad our poetry unit is finally coming to an end. My perception of poetry has not changed at all, it is still complicated and stressful. I don’t wanna look or read poetry anymore, unless it is something I can tolerate. The writing part of it made me hate poetry even more, that was so much harder than I thought it would be. One was difficult, two was torture. It was a lot easier to rhyme and use bigger words in the second poem then the first, but still pretty hard. The first poem was a mess though, I was clueless and was at loss for words literally. I guess the second was better than the first, but not a big difference. I did pick up how to break a poem down though and it gives me the smallest bit of understanding with poetry. Also, now I know about unstressed and stressed syllables. I chose one of the easiest things I could think of for my second poem, and something upcoming. I wrote a poem about Christmas time because its basic and overall, Christmas is my favorite holiday and a very happy time. My poem kind of sucks, so I could help people understand it with pictures and such. Providing pictures helps give a deeper meaning to my poem so readers know what to picture, like Christmas trees and snow. Also, pictures are like a break from the words in any form of writing and who doesn’t like pretty pictures? My poem is pretty straightforward so the pictures are of course not necessary. Overall, I think maybe I’ll like poetry when I grow up or something, but I have no idea. I am so glad I will no longer be getting headaches from trying to rhyme words together, amazing.

Poetry still sucks

Poetry is not my strong suit and will probably never be my strong suit. The idea of poetry confuses me and I do not understand it 3/4 of the time. The only poetry l really understand is the kind l relate to, but that is it. I view poetry as a way to partially relieve stress and fit your feelings in to a couple of sentences. Talking about my feelings makes it easier for me to write poetry, but I tend to keep my feelings to myself.  I have tried to write a poem like once and gave up very quickly.,Clearly I have more knowledge about poetry than I did before we learned about it, and can write a poem. Although, the poem will suck it would still be a poem. I know that l have to learn poetry no matter what so I am trying my best. One of the poems we read ,”Eldorado”, was not terrible but not good either. Personally, I didn’t find it exciting but it was fun to pick out the deep meanings in the poem and their relations. By the end of the poem, once we reviewed it, it made more sense. I thought the form and rhythm was good, along with his diction. It brought understanding to the story. For our poetry assignment I chose to write about winter and the end of the year because it was the easiest thing l could think of, just being honest. Also, I really like Winter in general, how it looks, the snow, etc. I have a lot of work to do though, it is missing things it shouldn’t be. I guess it is a good thing though that I know it needs improvements. I did try my best to rhyme my words, not that it is the best, but they rhyme. I am going to go through and change some words and add more literary devices as well. I hope that I will soon enough appreciate poetry a little bit more, so then I can enjoy myself while reading it. That would be a miracle in all honesty.