Citizen Kane

Honestly I don’t understand why this movie was made, I don’t see the purpose of it. It wasn’t a terrible film, but I wouldn’t watch it again. There were many things that I wasn’t expecting to happen throughout the film. There were good and bad moments, and some that were in between. For example, the main good thing for Kane is he is a millionaire and that must be pretty great. Kane has a gorgeous house and many other luxuries as well to keep him satisfied. Then we have the bad things, like his family situation growing up was pretty tragic for him. He was accused of having an affair with Susan, a upcoming singer which put bad publicity on him. Nothing ever really went his way and he didn’t even want his fortune. At the end, his wife even left him because of his actions, but he is too blame for it. I think regarding the American dream, anyone can live that. Not everyone can enjoy the American dream though, and not everyone wants it. Kane got the American dream and wasn’t happy with it. The American dream is far from what it is believed to be, and isn’t all happy and rainbows like people choose to believe, it comes with issues. Charles is not happy with it because the reason for his money is not a happy one. His parents sent him away to live with a banker and didn’t tell him the truth. They told Kane he was going on trips to New York, Chicago, and other places. Imagine the impact a lie like that could impact a person’s train of thought. The money he was living with was an inheritance from his terrible parents on his 25th birthday, and that probably hurt him. Kane wasn’t used to having loads of cash like he ended up with either. I think he would have rather not had the money, because his parents didn’t want him. Kane also didn’t have the best experience with relationships either because he had the audacity to write a bad review on his own wife’s singing, who does that? Kane was a sad person deep down and i think it is safe to say it is mainly because of his childhood. In conclusion, this film lives you an idea of the way the world really can be and how devastating it can be for anyone, even rich people. Everyone is dealing with things no one knows about.

The Love Blog of a pretty disillusioned town

The theme of “The Love Song” by J. Alfred Prufrock, would be love. They develop this because the story revolves around the main character’s attraction to a girl. He wants to approach her, but spends most of his time questioning himself due to the lack of self love he has. He is lower on the social scale then the female he wants to approach, but the entire time he is contemplating his worth and self esteem all due to how he views a female. The theme of “Disillusionment of 10 o’ clock” would be judgement in my opinion. Everyone in the poem is very similar and not alive. They all are said to wear white gowns and be non exciting, but then you have the sailor. The sailor is repelled for being different and unlike everyone else, because when you stand out people judge you. The sailor has dreams of tigers and such, which in reality, makes him the most living and exciting person there. People are judged for being different even when they are more alive then the others. In “A Pretty How Town” would be loss. At some point in life everyone dies, nothing is forever. Even when you have no one, and people don’t acknowledge you, you still won’t last forever. In this story “Janis” was the only one who “Bob” had, but it all came to an end and they accepted that. The author views acceptance too life as important and views things for what they really are because that is important. Being aware of this will make someone hopefully more sincere and cause them to not be so selfish etc. Every poem we read has to do with people who are different associating with other things. Whether it is a female, or their appearance, they are viewed as different on a social scale. Be the person you want to be because you never know how it will go, and we don’t have an eternity to make it happen, and in every poem that is inspired one way or another. I think “A Pretty How Town” is the most important in our society today and my favorite one because people throw life around like a toy and don’t do the things they want too. Everyone treats each other terribly not realizing that one day we will all be gone, and it wasn’t worth it. People need to accept the idea of death and stop being such rude and selfish people so others can enjoy their life without the obstacles people are providing. I just think overall this poem gets the point across the best and is the most real to us today, and it matters. Hence, all of these pieces of poetry have a point in the real world.