Who wants an iMom?

I think  “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County’ was absolutely pointless and had no purpose. It was extremely random and I don’t know why someone would want to write about frog jumping. Twain satirized the people from eastern and western parts of the US. Twain wrote a whole story about frogs and how the man was bored by listening too it, but was the idiot for listening to it in the first place. I guess his goal was partially to show how dumb some of the cultural activities in other places of the world really are. Also, was the legless dog really necessary because that was just wrong. My anticipatory thoughts are that “The Adventures of Huckleberry Film” will be a lot better than the frog story, but will also have more depth and emotion. I don’t know anything about The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This new story will also probably have a great deal of satire because Mark Twain is already known for it. The story has been mentioned to be more before, but I have never took a second look at it, but I think it will be okay. One thing I know is it includes some racism and is banned in the South for reasons regarding that, and probably is about people on the poor side. The film that we watched in class was honestly pretty creepy. The way the iMom talked and acted was weird, and she did end up cooking the baby so I guess she should be viewed that way. The director of the video satirized bad parents in general.It does do that too because there are so many parents out there who would choose partying over their children and trust anything, like how could you trust a robot with your baby? I think it also kinda satirizes robots because robots are believed to be so well put together and work. This robot got a deflect from the storm when the power went out, hence why she cooked the child. The film just made me really uncomfortable. Overall, everything we have read or watched is so much better than the poetry we did.

Satire Blog

My experience with satire and humor is small, but I have experienced it. Me and my friends indirectly reference each other to insult each other. That sounds negative, but it isn’t as bad as it sounds. There’s always situations when people say things, but are too scared to directly reference the person, and that is a form of satire. For example, when someone says “well at least  Also, I have seen shows and interviews that indirectly insult famous people or non famous groups of people in general. I personally enjoy offensive humor the most even if that isn’t too good. The humor has to affect you or it isn’t even funny. I hate memes and I do not think they are funny at all. Insulting humor is definitely the best of all time. I was looking for an example of offensive humor, but every video on you tube for offensive humor is blocked, and the photos are not funny. Also, I don’t know if the offensive humor would be appropriate. I think it is pretty self explanatory as to what it is. Satire seems to be an indirectly used topic and seems like it is used a lot more than we realize. I had no idea what it was until we learned about it, like I did not know what the name for this idea would be. I have no idea who Mark Twain is, he sounds a little familiar but I don’t know. I guess he wrote “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, although I do not know what that is either. Mark Twain or, Samuel Langerhans Clemens, dropped out of school in fifth grade. That is kind of shocking because he did not have a grand amount of knowledge, but still managed to become a successful writer. It is hard to be successful with no general knowledge of things like literature. Mark Twain was also a steamboat pilot with a great salary. The outbreak of the Civil War ended his career in 1861 because it brought a halt to all civilian traffic. Hence, Mark Twain seems interesting, and satire is a strong element.