Vertigo Review

Vertigo was a stupid movie in my opinion. It seemed like it was gonna be exciting in the beginning of the film, but the end showed otherwise. I don’t understand the purpose of this movie at all. It was extremely complicated to understand and in the end both girls had died like wow that could have been a little happier. I feel like I sat through that movie for nothing, and it let me down in the end. Seriously though, what is the purpose of this film because I didn’t see one. Hitchcock did use some good effects to resemble different moods and feelings considering the year the movie was made in, and the time it took to make the movie. For example, the red zoomed eye and the change in music for different events. Also, I liked how they changed up the looks of Judy to show the difference, I didn’t even realize it was the same person at first. Although, things I did not like were the ending of course. Plus, how dramatic the angle of the camera was for the car rides. The editing was clearly not advanced at the time, and the actors weren’t even good. This would definitely not be my first choice of what to watch. Many things would have to be changed if this movie was made in modern times. Different effects, actors, scenery, and probably everything else. The fake fall would definite be made more realistically I would hope. I did expect many different things to happen then what actually did though. I thought Scottie was gonna jump off the church with Judy. I also thought Judy wasn’t the same person as before so I did get a little confused a few times. It makes it exciting how you expect so many different endings and end up with the last one that came to your mind. It had my head all over the place when they staged the death and I had to try to understand that. Hence, I guess the movie could have been worse, my feelings are extremely bipolar about it.

Song of Myself Blog

This work was very hard to understand and took a lot of analyzing. I believe the writer had many different views on life and supported all of them. The whole thing consisted of many thoughts in life. For example, society is the product of a previous society. Also that children are the people who decide the future of new society, while old people give us wisdom. The story starts with his thoughts on life and perspectives, and then eases in to his death. Our section seemed pretty self explanatory in general. It was mainly about his death and how the darkness was coming to him. He wanted to die peacefully and with positive people around him, he doesn’t wanna be miserable as he goes. The writer’s legacy will live on and he wants people to influence people even when he is gone. His commitment to a transcendentalism philosophy affected his writing and perspective. Many statements were things he believed, they were not scientifically proven. The writer’s view was spoken through the whole entire piece. None of this has to be agreed with or viewed the same by other people, such as myself. The most important lines would have to be “You will hardly know who I am or what I mean, But I shall be good health to you nevertheless,” explaining his legacy. Another one I think holds importance is ” The past and present wilt – I have fill’d them, emptied them. And proceed to fill my next fold of the future.” stating the main idea of death coming too him. Also, how he wants honest before the end, he wants the truth from god. All of them provide the main meanings of this story, and lead it up to the end. The work overall, I did not really understand. It is honestly pretty difficult to understand and the only clear part to me is our section because we analyzed it. As we go over it, I start to understand it more and more. I feel like this is a pretty truthful story though, and as you understand it, it all fits together well. Hence, “Song of Myself” is a work that takes thought and analyzing.