Blog 13

My topic for the debate is Border Wall. My assigned position is to not build the wall, the con side. No, this is not my personal position on this debate. I believe the wall should be built to keep people out. The topic is extremely controversial for many, but I stand on building it for sure. I know that not building the wall will save the U.S. millions of dollars, and offer many people a chance at a new life and a new start. On google, I noticed they have a go fund me going to raise money for the wall. That is kind of stupid because if Trump wanted the wall so bad, he would pay for it and stop expecting otherwise. It also isn’t to great that he is shutting our government down. Although, it basically advises us of things we already know about. I plan to address the topic as best I can, although I don’t side with it which makes it hard. I will state my main point about the cost and how we are taking many peoples chance at a happy life away. Another point about how all the drama from the wall is causing problems for everyone because Trump is a broke whiny adult. This whole debate reflects on racism in a way because we are keeping different races out of our country, due to fear of job loss and terrorists. We judge others based on previous experiences in our country. Many people are upset and sad over these occurrences. Clearly, Mexicans and others would be sad about their chance being taken away from them. Also, anyone who supports the con side would show pity towards other countries. Then you have the people who don’t show sympathy for these people, such as myself. We are more excited about keeping people out because of our belief that you shouldn’t be able to run to another country when things get rough, so you should stay in your country. We feel more excitement and less emotion for those people than others. Hence, although I don’t support this debate I will do my best to win.

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