I took a week and tried to follow Franklin’s virtues. To be honest, it wasn’t easy, and I probably broke quite a few which makes me wonder how he survived using his virtues. Especially, since you can violate some of them and not cause any damage. At the same time, there are a couple that I didn’t violate because they don’t associate with my life. Temperance was hard because I always put myself in food comas, but the drinking half I followed because I don’t drink. Also, tranquility, I am so easily distracted no matter what I’m doing. The only time I can’t be distracted is when I am asleep. Silence was also not easy because I have trouble keeping my mouth shut when people say stupid things, I like to voice my opinion in all honesty. I also failed humility, order, Industry, and probably sincerity. Now that I look at it I didn’t do 3/4 of these. I sleep a lot and don’t value my time, and I am unorganized. The ones I did keep up were cleanliness, resolution , chastity, and moderation. I solved problems that needed to be fixed, and I kept clean. I mean, I guess those are good for the ones I completed. I partially kept up frugality, because I try to do good when I have the opportunity to do so. Overall, this seems impossible for the average person to do, Franklin probably suffered from this. I don’t see a reason to wanna be perfect when no one is and you can just be yourself. Even maybe just try one virtue a week, instead of fifteen all at once. I failed attempting to complete his virtues, and even if I put full effort in to I don’t think I could follow them because I can’t just change my personality over twenty four hours to act like a completely different way, and personally I wouldn’t wanna be perfect. Good luck to anyone who chooses to follow them though.


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