The school year has been good and bad, I have had good days and really bad days. I personally would change my decisions for this year and be more focused on my school work even throughout my stress. I want to improve my work-ethic and my concentration skills so I can get good grades and be successful. I just need to focus more and care more, and stop letting personal stuff get in my way of my education. This week I will be making sure I am caught up on things and not to fall behind. Although, another stress trigger could create me to not do these things, because when I am dealing with personal life things, I cannot focus. I will do my best to make the most of 2019 though, because I just wanna have a decent year overall.

There are so many topics to debate about in today’s world. For example, pro-choice and pro-life, gun laws, immigration, etc. A debate I would like to argue on would be the legalization of marijuana. There are two sides. You either want it to be legal or not legal. Reasons it should be legalized are things like, it really isn’t harmful, or addicting. I know people who are perfectly fine and have no issues. Although, at the same time it is a gateway drug to other things, which makes it bad. I personally, think it should be legalized because if you’re smart, you’ll be careful, or you won’t do it at all. Also, many people already do it, yet it is illegal. They barely catch people too which means police are not doing a very good job. I am very close on both sides though, and not even sure about my choice. It should be highly considered, because there are many pros and cons to each side for sure. I think the fact that it can be a gateway is bad though. Hence, I would argue about the legalization of marijuana.

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