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The Dodo’s Conundrum made absolutely no sense. I do not understand what it means and it was not fun to read. I thought it was stupid and I cannot find a theme. Overall, I don’t wanna look at it anymore. The whole poem, made my head spin. I needed help to actually understand it from Alexis.  From what I have been told and now my understanding of the poem, it means a lot different things I guess. The train is a metaphor to a perfect life. The author, which is you, tries to make a perfect life on a model train. Although, comes to the realization that life isn’t perfect and it never will be. That’s just the way things go with the world, and something we get used to. Questions I have are, what does the model train have to do with a “dodo’s conundrum”? What does this poem mean? One thing I do know is this poem is depressing. The Eldorado sound and sense questions were a heck of a lot easier to answer then the  Dodo’s conundrum for sure. Apparently, writing poetry hasn’t effected the way I read poetry at all or I would understand this the slightest amount. I can identify rhyme but that is probably my maximum point. I am making my best attempt at working on our five paragraph assignment even though i’m struggling. I am sure it won’t be as bad as I think though, I will survive. Overall, I just do not have the personality type to appreciate poetry I guess. I tried to continue this blog, but I don’t know what else to write so here is my blog about me hating poetry.