It’s finally over!

  I am so glad our poetry unit is finally coming to an end. My perception of poetry has not changed at all, it is still complicated and stressful. I don’t wanna look or read poetry anymore, unless it is something I can tolerate. The writing part of it made me hate poetry even more, that was so much harder than I thought it would be. One was difficult, two was torture. It was a lot easier to rhyme and use bigger words in the second poem then the first, but still pretty hard. The first poem was a mess though, I was clueless and was at loss for words literally. I guess the second was better than the first, but not a big difference. I did pick up how to break a poem down though and it gives me the smallest bit of understanding with poetry. Also, now I know about unstressed and stressed syllables. I chose one of the easiest things I could think of for my second poem, and something upcoming. I wrote a poem about Christmas time because its basic and overall, Christmas is my favorite holiday and a very happy time. My poem kind of sucks, so I could help people understand it with pictures and such. Providing pictures helps give a deeper meaning to my poem so readers know what to picture, like Christmas trees and snow. Also, pictures are like a break from the words in any form of writing and who doesn’t like pretty pictures? My poem is pretty straightforward so the pictures are of course not necessary. Overall, I think maybe I’ll like poetry when I grow up or something, but I have no idea. I am so glad I will no longer be getting headaches from trying to rhyme words together, amazing.

Poetry still sucks

Poetry is not my strong suit and will probably never be my strong suit. The idea of poetry confuses me and I do not understand it 3/4 of the time. The only poetry l really understand is the kind l relate to, but that is it. I view poetry as a way to partially relieve stress and fit your feelings in to a couple of sentences. Talking about my feelings makes it easier for me to write poetry, but I tend to keep my feelings to myself.  I have tried to write a poem like once and gave up very quickly.,Clearly I have more knowledge about poetry than I did before we learned about it, and can write a poem. Although, the poem will suck it would still be a poem. I know that l have to learn poetry no matter what so I am trying my best. One of the poems we read ,”Eldorado”, was not terrible but not good either. Personally, I didn’t find it exciting but it was fun to pick out the deep meanings in the poem and their relations. By the end of the poem, once we reviewed it, it made more sense. I thought the form and rhythm was good, along with his diction. It brought understanding to the story. For our poetry assignment I chose to write about winter and the end of the year because it was the easiest thing l could think of, just being honest. Also, I really like Winter in general, how it looks, the snow, etc. I have a lot of work to do though, it is missing things it shouldn’t be. I guess it is a good thing though that I know it needs improvements. I did try my best to rhyme my words, not that it is the best, but they rhyme. I am going to go through and change some words and add more literary devices as well. I hope that I will soon enough appreciate poetry a little bit more, so then I can enjoy myself while reading it. That would be a miracle in all honesty.