Finishing my Story

My story has improved throughout the week and changed overall. At the beginning of the week, I had a quote that ended up being difficult to work with, so i changed it to a different one. I wrote a short story involving a house in the woods with a possessed little girl which turned out to be a lot more exciting than my vampire story. I went through and corrected all my mistakes from my peer review and then added a little detail in some places. I think I wrote an okay story, not a perfect one clearly. I like the emotion my story conveys, the emotion at the beginning is completely different by the end. I don’t like the way it looks to me, I feel like there isn’t enough detail or as if it isn’t long enough, even though I wrote four pages and that was procrastinated. Regarding my reading, I am a little behind. I am very close to being done with book one. The story is pretty different and boring, not like things I read. I did choose my second book and I chose “bad girls with perfect faces”. Hopefully, I will enjoy this one because I dislike reading in general. I have heard good things about my second book choice. Hence, my story and reading are coming along and soon enough I’ll be done with both, thankfully.