About my Story

I decided to write about something on the scary side just so it isn’t as boring. In my story, there is a group of teenagers who go adventuring and end up making reckless decisions. They go in to a pretty frightening abandoned house on a dare. The decision to go inside had very bad outcomes for everyone. The way I developed the quote wasn’t anything genius or unique. Looking at all the quote options just brought it upon me. The quote reminded me of something associated with a horror type story or film. Some of the activities we have completed were kind of complicated at first. I changed my story idea from a story about vampires in to a story about a possessed girl. The vampire topic was boring and to complicated to fill all the assignments out with. I guess the idea was just to general in a way. I think the way we deconstructed the writing process impacted how I view it. For example, I tend to look at writing essays and papers as a extremely boring and long task. I mean, who doesn’t in all reality. Once you deconstruct it though, everything is a lot easier to put together and you more than likely know what you’re gonna say rather than making it as you go along. I started to look at writing from a different perspective. It is not that hard once you break everything apart. Overall, I believe I won’t hate writing as much as I used to this year, this story may just turn out alright.

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