The Devil and Tom Walker

After reading “The Devil and Tom Walker” for the second time this week, I have finally started to understand it. The story it self is kind of confusing and I feel like you have to think deeper to truly understand it. Overall, the story was alright although kind of boring, it also is not the best thing I have ever read. Most things I read tend to be subtitles on movies, or captions on photos, but taking the books I have read in to consideration, they are not similar. “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a lot more complicated and uses more words that I do not know the definition for. You also have to dig deeper and use more thought to know what they mean. A lot of the stories I read are more modern day typed then this as well. Another thing is the way the author makes society look in this work. It is a horrible place, and he makes the world look treacherous. It was horrible how Tom deceived people and wanted to persecute people due to their religion. The society is presented as the devil’s home, which it basically is. I can’t really think of a reason Irving would write something like this. One of the reasons could be to show how some people will go through anything to have something they want, even if it means hurting other people. For more modern people, I would add some simpler terms just to help. The story itself is not bad, but it would be better if people could understand it better. I  would also add a couple little exciting events or things just to make the story more exciting. Hence, stories like this are fascinating and some people appreciate work like this more than others for sure.

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