Second week completed!

Last weeks five days of going over terminology gave me a new perspective on some things. I realized how many things in one story there really was, and it made me think. I feel like no one realizes how in depth stories really can be, and if you notice that, you have a deeper connection to it. There are so many terms that I doubt a lot of people knew about, because I didn’t until these notes. One of the biggest terms that I actually had interest in was catharsis. I have experienced catharsis in almost every television show I have watched. I tend to get very attached to stories every once in a while too, I tend not to read though so it’s rare. I also wondered why I cried over movies and stuff but this explained it. There is a difference between being an active participant and observing a story as the audience. An active participant most likely understands it a lot more than just an observer. The way an active participant sees a story will bring out more emotion than someone who is observing the story. Active participants get more attached while an observer barely knows what is happening. I am an active participant in television shows and movies, but when it comes to books I am an observer. It easy to be whichever person you want though, if you wanna be an active participant then make effort to look at something differently. Put your care in to instead of looking and turning away from things. Aside from this, the second week of school has been alright, nothing exciting, unless you consider lockdown exciting. It freaked me out just a little bit. I would still rather be at home in bed watching The Vampire Diaries though. Things are working their way though.

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