About my Story

I decided to write about something on the scary side just so it isn’t as boring. In my story, there is a group of teenagers who go adventuring and end up making reckless decisions. They go in to a pretty frightening abandoned house on a dare. The decision to go inside had very bad outcomes for everyone. The way I developed the quote wasn’t anything genius or unique. Looking at all the quote options just brought it upon me. The quote reminded me of something associated with a horror type story or film. Some of the activities we have completed were kind of complicated at first. I changed my story idea from a story about vampires in to a story about a possessed girl. The vampire topic was boring and to complicated to fill all the assignments out with. I guess the idea was just to general in a way. I think the way we deconstructed the writing process impacted how I view it. For example, I tend to look at writing essays and papers as a extremely boring and long task. I mean, who doesn’t in all reality. Once you deconstruct it though, everything is a lot easier to put together and you more than likely know what you’re gonna say rather than making it as you go along. I started to look at writing from a different perspective. It is not that hard once you break everything apart. Overall, I believe I won’t hate writing as much as I used to this year, this story may just turn out alright.

Independent Reading Blog

My book choice for this quarter was random if were being honest. I chose “A Good Idea” by Cristina Moracho. I have only read about 1/3 of the book, but I think it was a good choice. The novel is kind of sad, but creates more emotion. Stories, movies, and television shows that create strong emotion really draw me in. I believe being able to connect to something is a lot better than not. A character in the story who I appreciate is Serena. She has only popped in to the story once so far, but she did something great. The girl who died in the book was not announced at her graduation. This irritated Serena and she went up on the stage and begged for them to at least acknowledge her friend who she had lost. It was a strong gesture, and she fought for her. Personally, there isn’t many situations to relate to one hundred percent. Although, some of the ideas I can relate myself to in a way. The main character “Finley” lost someone she cared about, and it made her devastated. She didn’t know how to handle it or what to do. I have lost close family and I understand what that feels like. Also, animals I have lost, I have also reacted that way. People grow emotional attachments to their pets so it’s expected. Losing someone can change you, and the way you look at things. In the story, it was death, but even losing someone as a friend is devastating, and sometimes hurts pretty badly too. The story is kind of devastating itself, yet I think thing will turn around. The murderer will be disciplined for what he has done, and stop walking around like he is innocent. I don’t think he is innocent as of right now, but no one knows yet. Finley, the main character will move on with her life while remembering her friend who they believe passed, while attending NYU and making new friends. Owen, Finley’s friend, will keep in touch and stay in their hometown. Lastly, there hasn’t been much information yet, but once there’s more, i’ll have a better opinion.

The Devil and Tom Walker

After reading “The Devil and Tom Walker” for the second time this week, I have finally started to understand it. The story it self is kind of confusing and I feel like you have to think deeper to truly understand it. Overall, the story was alright although kind of boring, it also is not the best thing I have ever read. Most things I read tend to be subtitles on movies, or captions on photos, but taking the books I have read in to consideration, they are not similar. “The Devil and Tom Walker” is a lot more complicated and uses more words that I do not know the definition for. You also have to dig deeper and use more thought to know what they mean. A lot of the stories I read are more modern day typed then this as well. Another thing is the way the author makes society look in this work. It is a horrible place, and he makes the world look treacherous. It was horrible how Tom deceived people and wanted to persecute people due to their religion. The society is presented as the devil’s home, which it basically is. I can’t really think of a reason Irving would write something like this. One of the reasons could be to show how some people will go through anything to have something they want, even if it means hurting other people. For more modern people, I would add some simpler terms just to help. The story itself is not bad, but it would be better if people could understand it better. I  would also add a couple little exciting events or things just to make the story more exciting. Hence, stories like this are fascinating and some people appreciate work like this more than others for sure.

Second week completed!

Last weeks five days of going over terminology gave me a new perspective on some things. I realized how many things in one story there really was, and it made me think. I feel like no one realizes how in depth stories really can be, and if you notice that, you have a deeper connection to it. There are so many terms that I doubt a lot of people knew about, because I didn’t until these notes. One of the biggest terms that I actually had interest in was catharsis. I have experienced catharsis in almost every television show I have watched. I tend to get very attached to stories every once in a while too, I tend not to read though so it’s rare. I also wondered why I cried over movies and stuff but this explained it. There is a difference between being an active participant and observing a story as the audience. An active participant most likely understands it a lot more than just an observer. The way an active participant sees a story will bring out more emotion than someone who is observing the story. Active participants get more attached while an observer barely knows what is happening. I am an active participant in television shows and movies, but when it comes to books I am an observer. It easy to be whichever person you want though, if you wanna be an active participant then make effort to look at something differently. Put your care in to instead of looking and turning away from things. Aside from this, the second week of school has been alright, nothing exciting, unless you consider lockdown exciting. It freaked me out just a little bit. I would still rather be at home in bed watching The Vampire Diaries though. Things are working their way though.