My take on V e r t i g o

Alright, I didn’t think this blog was due yesterday, nor did I think the basis of it was as general as giving opinions. But I am alive, and I have a keyboard under my fingers, so I will not cease to deliver my honest take.

Long story short – it didn’t live up to the hype. If we want to get picky, it didn’t even feel like a film noir. To me, it felt like the story of a man who just got way in over his head after throwing aside his instincts to not get involved. For someone who was said to have been on the force for years, Scot is remarkably stupid. He blew the entire case, failed to not get involved, and made many sloppy mistakes that no self respecting detective would ever have made – like following someone in the same car for days. The simple fact that he was not confronted in this should have been enough of a red flag.

You can’t even be embarrassed at the blunders of the protagonist when he’s cold as ice and really has no likeable character traits. He’s not good with women either. Should have been another red flag when that worked out for him.

For a film noir, we saw very little gunshots, dark alleys, and smoke filled bars. The rap music video I’m watching right now from the early 90s has a more appropriate setting. For a psychological “thriller”, we saw little thrills, and my mental state remains static as a parked cement truck. You ain’t moving it with such a slow paced film.

The changes in the music score were cheesily fitting and made what happened next more predictable; the exact opposite of what a psychological thriller should do to mislead you.

In retrospect, I might have given more respect to the movie without the pretense of hearing it called one of the best film noirs of all time, with you telling me to pay close attention to every detail, as if Alfred Hitchcock was Stanley Kubrick.

There’s not much you could have done to make this appeal to a modern audience without tossing out the whole idea of a film noir. I personally would have loved to have seen an instant death later on in the film via gunshot or car crash – something unrelated to anything seen before in the plot which defies the entire buildup, forcibly ripping you out of any subconscious investment in it. That would have made this a great film by the sheer astonishment of such an ending.

All I can say was good about the movie was a single plot twist, and some technical aspects the average viewer disregards.

There’s the thumbnail of the video I was watching.

See you next time.

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