What makes a government right, and what to do when it is not.

Would I say the government is best which governs least? It’s hard to say. I can however say with more certainty than one can usually afford that no matter if the burden of tranquility is left on the citizens or their ruler, corruption with permeate both of them as long as this earth exists. There is no perfect, sacrosanct, incorruptible form of ruling when the human nature is one of sin and selfishness.

A government ought not to reach further than it must at the cost of personal freedom, but it should seek to protect what it can in the purest of intentions, and act upon this fairly.

A citizen ought to look out for himself and his fellow man, and never falter to ill intent on his level. Not only this, but a citizen, both as an individual and as part of a larger conglomerate, they should seek to keep their own rulers in line with threat of revolution.

What seems to have been lost in the shuffle is government members who are relatable to and inseparable from their civilian counterparts. Gone should be the aristocracy of elitist officials.

The only government that could ever have my full respect would be one of utmost transparency and unmitigated righteousness when the possibility of corruption exists, whether it be from within the administration or from industry. Not surprisingly, I can’t come to think of a government with pure intentions. No ideology is immune to greed and degradation. I simply cannot respect a government held captive by bribes, as it is not just as well as all too common.

Civil disobedience has the same purpose that it always had – to make aware to your government that you, the inhabitants of the state, are displeased with current leadership decisions or policies and would like top see changes made. Provided you have a reasonable system of checks and balances and a system of passing laws that is navigable to those who ought to collaborate to express their disapproval of current law or enforcement, then I would say protest has it’s strength maintained.

The problem however is the views of those who choose to protest and what they decide to make their statement to the rest of the nation. In this day and age we see a lot of people protesting who certainly did not do enough research, and could be adversely uhhhhhhh screwing up the country. I don’t know how much time I have left to write this so I have to bounce out on colloquial terms.


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