Thoreau, Emerson, and how to sort through ground zero.

Surely at first glace, centuries old Transcendentalist writings that are archetypal to the movement would decimate your train of thought. This may be the perfect meta example of the faults of society proposed by these writers, manifested in the fact that society has made us deaf to what they are trying to communicate. Either that, or these writers are borderline anarcho-primitivist revolutionaries who in today’s time would have rejected electricity. Which of these I cannot say, as it is more likely between the two.

What I know for sure is that these writers had similar views on what steps could be taken away from established civilization with intentions to better themselves mentally. Emerson had descriptions of a state of mind most would today consider delusional. I don’t believe Thoreau was quite to the point that he thought he could   a s c e n d   to the eight dimension, but his visualizations of imaginary farmers and property could be concerning to most.

In Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, we start off looking into the mind-frame of Thoreau and hear him tell us, or perhaps himself, about how he has mapped out his local countryside and got to imagining different properties and their owners in that area and how they might have evolved over time. He imagined purchasing farms, talking to the agricultural folk about their craft and argued over prices and methods. This was all in his head and did not come to pass in base reality.

Moving onto the conclusion, we hear of the results of his attempt to be sanctified from the masses. He seemed to figure out for himself quickly that he could no longer quarantine himself apart from the very society that led him to this conclusion. He stated that he felt as if he had many more lives to live, and from this we can reason that his little vacation was not satisfactory in that he couldn’t fulfill his extraterritorial aspirations when surrounded by foliage.

Like he did suggest, leaving behind society would in fact simplify your life in ways formerly unimaginable. Gone are the burdens of social interaction, contemporary work, personal hygiene, and even the use of spoken language. What you would miss is much of the aforementioned, and now in 2019, I assume you would not have use of modern technology, assuming you were a purist transcendentalist.

I wouldn’t have a problem camping, hiking, or otherwise being immersed in nature for a reasonable length of time, but give it a while and I too would wish to return.

To answer your last question, I do believe people have already taken this anti-societal advice to heart, and beyond. According to WIRED, there is a trend consisting of consuming traditional South American DMT recipes with a goal of freeing yourself from the stresses that modern life places on you.

Crazy? Yes. Crazy.

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