What can be debated endlessly, and what must be done regardless.

As I’m being urged to come up with a good topic to debate, one cannot ignore the age old security vs freedom. If you are not familiar with this, it is the argument between having ample personal freedom and privacy versus having ample surveillance and law enforcement at the cost of individual freedoms. I would say that on one side you have people who trust the sense of safety they have in their own ability and their faith in the public to not result in catastrophe, and on the other you have people who would rather confide in the centralized government to look after the affairs of themselves and those they do not know. I would sooner place my faith in the people, given that this means reasonable folks I choose to surround myself with, than to submit unmitigated record of my will and actions to a governing body that cannot be accounted, contacted, or as time would tell, trusted. This is something we see in the United States without a doubt, but surely, this is a global issue. Main arguments for either side would be as to whether you can trust your government or your people more. This not only depends on the area and time being described, but can be very hard to prove either way, and unless major events make it clear, it cannot be ultimately determined. I’ll stick to my views given my place and time, but my opinion on this may not be the wisest choice in all cases.

What would I change about my school year? Like any year, a little more work could have resulted in measurably higher grades. A little diligence can go a long way, and this can apply to everything from independent projects to the most mundane of schoolwork, which I personally detest. So yes, without making major changes to my psyche that would result in a less unique me, I would like to be able to focus long enough to allow myself to do work I don’t enjoy, because in the long run you would undoubtedly see an academic payout of a few points.

This all starts with taking small steps on a regular basis. I have to sacrifice time I would normally waste on idle consumption of information that mostly does not benefit me, so its not like I’d be losing much at all. Time to move on.

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