A Documentation on the Importance of a Moral Code.

Over the last week, I was supposed to keep a list of 15 virtues drafted by the group I was a part of, which were modified from a list originally composed by Ben Franklin, and take note of when and how I violated guidelines set by these virtues in search of self improvement on the path to  a s c e n s i o n.

I did not.

But what I did do, was retain the memory of what I did in the last week, focusing on my mind state, and how I faced difficulties, either taking the easy way, or the virtuous way. Here is what we can learn.

I am well aware that this isn’t supposed to be some haphazardly organized confessional or anything like that, but to better understand me you have to know exactly what virtues I am in violation of. I would say that pretty much all of my problems can be traced back to a lack of Order and Industry. It’s very hard for me to keep a schedule and do things in an orderly fashion often, and I don’t need a log to know this is true, because it happens nearly every hour of every day. I am just not very good at managing my time wisely, or being able to make myself work in the most efficient way, or, at times, at all. It’s not like I’m lazy or don’t care, I just simply cannot focus. This goes back about five years, and I have never truly recovered since.

Nothing really comes to mind in the other categories. I could use a little more fitness, but I’m not in bad shape. The other virtues I think I am maintaining well, but that doesn’t mean I should simply take that for granted.

Mindfulness is a very powerful tool that is nothing short of required to keep your productivity in check.

Funny enough, the virtue my group decided wasn’t as important as the others, Silence, could benefit me greatly. I often find myself in idle conversations, and these, of course, don’t help liberate me from my tendency to mismanage my time.

It is true. If I want to get done what is required of me, I have to make a conscious attempt. Well, I’m off to try again, and hopefully this time I’m serious enough to make a difference.

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