No More Poetry? 😢

I actually like poetry. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not some academic robot who craves tough assignments to complete, but I very much appreciate the art form of lyricism and what skilled authors are able to put down on the page. I wouldn’t really say that my recent education on the topic of poetry changed my view of the art in a noticeable way, but without a doubt, the requirements and drafting mindset presented to me for the formation of assigned poems may have been a step in the right direction in my own freelance writing endeavors. I always was aware of rhyme schemes and the like in works I consume on a regular basis, but this recent unit definitely refreshed me on the subject, and being mindful of the structure of what you’re reading is always a good thing. Moving forward from my first to my second poem I was focusing a lot more on my own use of literary devices, and by taking my time I was able to do this without sacrificing the quality of the story I was conveying. My second poem is about optimism, and I chose to tell the tale of a man who never let unfortunate events wipe the smile off his face. Although it was more intended for comedy than serious meaning, I exaggerated some of his positive conclusions from disastrous events that would just be foolish in real scenarios, and in hindsight, that can say something about excessive optimism. In my own life I have experienced how on one hand, optimism can save you from depression, but on the other, if you rely on it too much, you might start to ignore very real problems that might crop up if you don’t spring into action to keep them at bay. Now that I think of it, there’s a meme that has something to do with this.

Speaking of media, what about visual elements in poetry? I know for a fact that imagery can be used to help someone understand an esoteric or unorthodox interpretation of your work, or even generate funny views of what would otherwise be serious. What comes to mind is something like an illustration of a homophone or double-entente statement where naturally the reader would imagine what makes the most sense out of the sentence they just took in, but your included picture forces their brain to process the phrase in a new, hilarious, or uncommonly introspective way. That’s what I would do at least.



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