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I Choose Crazy

I found that this movie to be exceptionally well done. See, I did not find it extraordinarily interesting, but I can recognize the quality of it. The cinematography was very well done, and the plot was (almost) airtight. The omission of who it was who actually heard his last words, as well so who turned on and off the light, was entertaining to think about, especially considering that it was probably the man who had been helping him, who saw him have his rage moment, but regardless, it was unclear. I do not believe that I would rewatch this movie by choice, but I can certainly see the reasoning behind showing it in class. It is a very well put-together film, as I have said, which makes it important for people to see, so that they can understand these sorts of things and know what a good film looks like. Now, given the choice to rewatch this or Vertigo, I would choose Vertigo, if for no other reason than the fact that it felt their were actual stakes to the plot, not to mention that the main character was not a horrible person who I had no desire whatsoever to win in any way. Kane is just absolutely awful, if I’m being wholly honest, and I did not care about much of anything that happened to him, as he continued to use and abuse those that surrounded him, turning into an angry old man who seemed to only live on through spite alone. The desire of the reporters to find what Rosebud is was lessened for me by the fact that I already knew. And circling back to Kane, he was nuts. His upbringing certainly did not help, as I assume that the reasoning behind him saying Rosebud was that when he was sledding that time was the last time he was actually happy. He cannot be happy because he is incapable of forming realm relationships, because everything ends up being about him, and he was never shown love by those he cared about, and despite all the money he had, he was incapable of fixing himself, beyond help, and wantonly spending his money to try and fill the void of love he had. Truly a depressing story, and why the American Dream is a load of garbage, because without human relationships, life is worthless, empty and unfulfilling. Kane was never truly happy throughout the film, despite seeming to be at certain points, especially when he was younger, but in reality, he was not actually happy, nor did he find anything in his life to fulfill him. All the main figures in his life either left him or he left them, or drove them away, causing those relationship issues and making him incapable of making better ones.

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