Blog 22: Citizen Kane

I did not like this film. It was dumb. That was my reaction to the film. It was bad and ugly for so many reasons. Like honestly whoever came up with its story line must’ve had no life because who would even have the time to think of something that dumb. It was seriously a waste of my time I’m not going to lie. Also I’m just not a big fan of really old films/ movies like that they are all pretty bad. The main theme we were supposed to take away from that money doesn’t solve all your problems and you can’t buy happiness, as you could see Kane try to do in the film but it unfortunately did not work obviously. So that’s why he was unhappy the whole time because he was trying to make people love him with his money but it really wasn’t working for the poor dude. The whole key figure of the story was about one stupid word, Rosebud. I think that his damn sleigh was the only thing that he ever loved and that is sad considering he lived his whole life and his last word was freaking rosebud. That is just pathetic in my opinion but whatever why don’t they go make another dumb movie about it. Also I thought it was pretty sad that his mother like really didn’t care to give her son up, she had literally no emotion. That was also most likely another reason why he couldn’t be happy because he never really had a motherly figure that also tells us why he treated women so badly… sorry I just had to put that out there. Another reason why he couldn’t be happy was because I personally don’t think he ever knew how to love except for loving his stupid sleigh but that doesn’t count. So basically him growing up without any love but with a ton of money ruined his life. So there ya have it kids, money does not buy you happiness but it may buy you lots of things that you think would make you happy but they never will. Like I personally think some money would make me very happy but not that much money because that is just too much to handle at a time.


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Blog 21: The “love” blog

“we’re done with poetry” -Michael McGarry

So all their themes are pretty negative to be honest, like none of them are happy. For example in “Rappaccini’s Daughter”the themes are related to the biblical conflict between good and evil, and some of the specific themes are: faith and trust, revenge, presence of morality, and solitude and isolation. Then in “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” refers to the feeling of regret and loss that occurs each night at bedtime. This shows in the poem because when the old sailor, drunk and asleep in his boots, with no help for anyone to dress him for bed, realizes he is alone. So then the theme for “anyone lived in a pretty how town” is death. Cummings wants you to be aware of the fact that death exists and that you are going to die someday. They all tie together in the fact that they all associate with death and loneliness. The two that I find would be the most applicable to our society today are “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” and “Rappaccini’s Daughter” because they both are sort of very similar when you think about it. They relate to each other because the one talks about loneliness and the other talks about trust and revenge, these correlate because if you don’t have trust or you want to revenge then you could feel very lonely. This can apply to our society because it seems like everybody feels either lonely or depressed because they “can’t” trust people or they just don’t like people and want to plan revenge on them because everybody is petty nowadays. The poem that I hated the least was “Disillusionment of 10 o’clock” because it was short and sweet and got straight to the point and that how I like them. Also I’m going to be frank with you, if a poem is 25 PAGES LONG it is no longer a poem that sucker is a novel. Like I don’t care if it is easy to follow, if it is longer than 5 pages I do not have time for it. That’s the tea sis. 

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