Blog 20: Frogs, Frogs, and Frogs

I actually enjoyed ready the short story “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County ” because it was easy to read. I also liked the use of satire in it because it made it humorous. Another thing I liked about it was the way it was written because it was interesting with the different dialects of different characters. Also the way the story moved in order to get to the end point was unique because it went through different stories. For Huck Finn I anticipate the same kind of use of the different dialects like in the frog short story and that’ll make it more interesting and easier to read so you’ll know who’s talking. I sincerely know nothing about this story because I am uncultured but I would assume it’ll be humorous like the other story but what do I know. The short film we watched, iMom, was very interesting let me tell ya. It had an eerie sense and threw you very off guard at the end, which was disgusting by the way. Even though I didn’t like how it ended I did like how it used satire on parenting and our use of technology and those were the qualities of the short film that gave it just a bit of humor. I also like how the actual moms and dads were like talking in the interview things that made it pretty funny also.

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Blog 19: Satire

Well I didn’t know I had experience with satire at first because I never knew it was even a thing, but I actually enjoy it a lot. I usually enjoy it in parody videos about different people, especially Donald trump. It’s just so easy to make fun of him and its hilarious. I think I enjoy burlesque humor the most. This kind of humor is when people are mocking others and ridicules by imitating with caricature or exaggerating characterization. I think I like this the most because people usually make these kinds of videos about a person or a group of people that a LOT of people don’t like. Also it makes the videos even better when the people who the videos are about kind of feed into them like saying they don’t like them. So I have no idea who Mark Twain is so I’m going to go look him up now (you probably mentioned him on Friday when i wasn’t there). Okay so he wrote humorous novels that makes sense. Oh and he was also an inventor and invented the memory builder. He was the sixth child, he witnessed a lot of death throughout his life. He only went to school until 12 years old then had to get a job to help support the family because his father died. At age 15 he got a job as a printer and the occasional writer. The at age 21 he had fulfilled his dream. I find it very interesting that he originally didn’t want to be a full time writer, he wanted to be a pilot of a steamboat and he was for a little bit. He was a licensed pilot by 1859 and found regular employment plying the shoals and channels of the great river. It says that he really loved his career. But then after he started working as a reporter and that’s what got him more into writing, and then by age 34 he had become one of the most popular and famous writers in America. Not going to lie he really had a good life (after his childhood) he knew what he wanted to do and he would just go and do it and that’s why he was so successful in life and I really admire that.

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