Blog 17: Not a fan of poetry

So first of all I really don’t like poetry in general so of course I didn’t like this poem. Well I had some real reasons for this too. This poem was really hard to understand because I feel like you could definitely interpret it in different ways. My group got section 6. This section was pretty long but it wasn’t that bad to interpret. Once I knew that grass equaled society it all started to make sense a little more. Transcendentalism affected his writing in many ways. He constantly talked about how he was trying to make himself the best he could be and he also talked about how the society is constantly trying to be better than its been. He also says that society will never grow to get better and better without everybody together trying to be the best people they could be because in order for society to grow the people have to first. I think one of the most important lines from our section is “And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.” I believe this is one of the most important lines because this ties it all together pretty much telling us that when we die at the best we could’ve made ourselves then our bodies will go to the earth and help grow and help make new generations and their societies better themselves. This line also tells us that we shouldn’t be afraid to die you should celebrate it as a ways to help the upcoming generations. So he makes you think that when you die its not pointless because you’ll always help the earth. I had multiple difficulties while reading this because I feel like I knew what was going on  but at the same time I would second guess myself and think I was going about it in all the wrong ways. So then when I finally started to understand it I really didn’t think that much into it as I should’ve Also I’m really not a fan of poetry and reading it only because you can take one poem and understand it in so many different ways so I feel like there’s never really a right answer when understanding a poem. 

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