Blog 16: Civil Disobedience

Honestly I feel like I do believe that “that government is best which governs least?” because sometimes the government just shouldn’t get involved in some things, but then again it only seems like they never get involved when they are really need and they just focus on things they shouldn’t be. The role of government is supposed to be that they make major decisions and help and keep the people safe. Its role in relation to individual citizens is in my eyes to just makes their lives easier for them. I feel like almost all governments command your respect. I think that the reason why they do this is so the government can feel more in control of us all (it makes them feel better about themselves). The role of civil disobedience today is a lot of people are constantly protesting the government because they believe that the government does not do enough for us citizens (which is sometimes very true. Yes this is still very effective, well at least I think it is but some people do not agree with me. protesting gives us a sense of a voice against the government and so then maybe they will hear us and take our thoughts into consideration. In this guys work he talks about hoe eventually we shouldn’t have a government because it does nothing for us and that we should start this off by speaking up about our opinions. He pretty much is just telling us how bad the government is throughout the whole thing then at the end tells us to rebel because we technically do not need a government. Kind of talks about it like it just a waste of space. I think that we should have a government but I do believe that they should do a little bit more for us citizens and not get into stuff that they should not be

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