Blog 14: End of Argument

As you may know I like to argue. About little things, big things you name it, but when it came to this argument I actually did not want to for once (which is a surprise I know). In the beginning of this unit I really did not know how hard it is to create a good real argument, but while I was trying to make it I learned that very quickly. I also quickly realized that I use a lot of appeal to emotion and ad hominem in my everyday arguments so when I was writing this real one it was very hard trying to catch myself from using those fallacies. I also learned that I am not as good at arguing as I thought I was originally. I definitely do think about argument differently now and I give props to whoever has to argue like that all the time because it is not as fun as my type of arguing. Trying to make this argument was pretty difficult because like I said before I use a lot of ad hominem and appeal to emotion and that is a bit of a problem when it comes to this kind of argument. Honestly not going to lie I probably did not catch all of those fallacies because it is really hard to see them, well at least to me it is. This experience writing this speech was so hard I hated it. I feel like if we were to have actually debate in class it would have maybe been a bit easier only because I would have the chance to listen to the other sides argument and get to ask questions based off of what they said also it would have made writing the rebuttal a lot easier, but at the same time I am glad we did not have to do the debate in class because I might have been a bit nervous. I also was excited to be able to dress up but now I can’t but it is fine I would rather not have the debate in class.

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